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Rank-Modifying Spammers Patent: Did Google Kill the SEO Star?


You are absolutely right about the two points - 1) increase SERP rankings for a competitive keyword by guest post link. 2) about the rank-modifying techniques.

In my personal opinion, the patent’s aims are noble – to combat web spam for end users. Sure, some publishers could lose their evil link-building prowess, but others will gain simply from shifting the focus from tracking SERPs and tactics to creating great content.

Do spammy SEO tactics work? I would say yes. I am still seeing spammy .edu links helping for SEO.

Victor Pan
Sep 04, 2012

Definitely agree that certain spammy tactics still prevail in certain places. Just search "payday loans" and you'll see crazy competition between spammers. But how long will they last before you get penalized?

Imagine that your ranks are moving up because Google is testing to see if you're a spammer.

Sure, the rank-modifier ends within 70 days, but you don't know when (within that time period), and you don't know if Google's latest group of algorithm updates (remember they did over 500 last year?) was the cause of the keyword SERP change. You can't objectively measure the effectiveness of SEO tactics Google deems spammy.

Sep 03, 2012

The SEO star is not dead. They are just not blogging about it :). Reading too much SEOmoz :)

it's still ok. it just means you have to wait before being able to make a conclusion on the changes you made. but usually when you change something, you know what and why you do it. so patience is going to be key....

page rank tracker (not verified)
Apr 11, 2013

Do spammy SEO tactics work? I would say yes. I am still seeing spammy .edu links helping for SEO. SEO works are very effective nowadays for increasing the site's traffic.

when Google search Alogo will update then webmasters & link bilders are creating a strategy for doing naturnal link building. Firdt they understand the new policy , ranking factors etc. so after all we all need to experementr for magic in SEO.

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