The Very Best of WordStream: August's Greatest Hits


I think it’s quite amusing that Kajagoogoo has an album called “The Very Best of Kajagoogoo” – I mean, can anyone name more than one song by Kajagoogoo? I think this is the one:

Well this blog is no one-hit wonder! Here’s our very best of the month, the top 10 posts that got you reading and talking:

  1. Google SERP Dumps 5.5% of Organic First Page Listings – Google recently slashed the number of first-page results for some queries from 10 to 7 (and 30% reduction!). Larry examines the SEO implications.
  2. Why SEO's (Sometimes) Suck at PPC Marketing – Larry puts on his fighting gloves and names some important differences in the mindset required to succeed at organic vs. paid search.
  3. The Long-Term Value of SEO: Does SEO Value Last Forever? – Larry (who, you might have noticed, was on a blogging streak this month) debunks the myth of SEO efforts paying off continually – or does he? Many commenters disagreed!
  4. 25 Fast Facts About AdWords – For lovers of the list.
  5. 25 Ways to Use AdWords Data for SEO – Still not satisfied, list-lovers? This post outlines a bunch o’ ways you can leverage PPC insights to help you better execute on your SEO strategies.
  6. Google People Search Engine?! How I Taught Google Search to People Search – Victor finally takes a break from his behind-the-scenes SEO ninja-work to write a blog post! People complain a lot about personalized search, but he explains how to turn this feature to your advantage.
  7. What Is Good SEO? The Debate Continues – Is SEO dead? Uh, no, probably not. Is it more complicated than ever? We think so. While the core basics of SEO haven’t changed much, advanced tactics are more and more likely to get you on Google’s bad side.
  8. Zuckerberg, You've Got Egg on Your Face(book) – Facebook’s stock prices continue to plummet, and to make matters worse, he was publicly shamed for trying to bully competitors.
  9. The Curious Case of Toolbar PageRank – A little case study in which I speculate as to why my personal poetry blog has the same TBPR as (a much bigger and more trafficked site).
  10. Why Are Popular Keywords So Hard to Rank for with a New Website? – Learn two simple reasons why you can’t rank on high-volume keywords, and what to do about it.

Have a good weekend, folks.

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