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How to Rank for a Keyword in 10 Steps

By Elisa Gabbert November 14, 2012 Posted In: Keyword Marketing Comments: 177


How to Rank for a Keyword

The view from the top ain't bad

Got your sights on a keyword? Want to see your website on the elusive first page of Google for a given search term? Prepare yourself: Unless you’re Wikipedia or The New York Times, it won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible, either. Seriously – we do it all the time!

Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repeatable process. You won’t get the results you want 100% of the time, especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword, but if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to make things happen. Things like rankings, and traffic, and sales, oh my!

Here are the ten steps to rank for a keyword in Google.

Step 1: Lay the Groundwork

This is really more of a pre-step than a first step. You’ll need to have some basics in place before you can hope to rank for any random keyword. These pre-requisites include:

  • A strong website – The longer your website has been around, accruing authority and links, the better. It’s also key that your entire site follow SEO best practices – start with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines if you don’t know what that means.
  • A network to draw on – In order to rank quickly for a keyword, it’s very useful to have a built-in network to share new content with – a blog following, an audience on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, email contacts you can reach out to for occasional help with a link. If you don’t know what that means, it’s time to start thinking about link building as relationship building.

Don’t rush this stuff in your race for Internet gold. If you don’t do things right the first time, you’ll just have to do them again later.

Step 2: Do Your Initial Keyword Research

You may think you know what keyword you want to target, but fact-check your instincts. Use several keyword tools to get a sense of the search volume for the keyword as well as the competition before you finalize your keyword choice. Your main considerations will include:

  • Choosing a keyword with good volume, but not too much volume – In general you don’t want to target a keyword that has low relative search volume if there’s an equivalent term that is much more popular. For example, there are usually over twice as many searches for “blah blah jobs” versus “blah blah careers.” However, don’t always automatically go for the keyword with the highest volume; some keywords are simply too competitive and not worth your time. You’re not going to rank for “airline” unless you are, in fact, an airline.

    find keywords to rank for
  • Choosing a keyword that’s relevant to your business model – You’re more likely to succeed in ranking for a keyword if the term is relevant to your site and your business. You’re also more likely to get some real return on your ranking – remember that rankings in and of themselves aren’t particularly valuable, unless they’re driving worthwhile traffic and leads. For example, a party planning business might target “how to cook for a party” – but “how to cook rice” isn’t really going to be relevant to them or their target audience.

At this stage of the process, you should also make a list of close variations on your primary keyword. These will be helpful in writing and optimizing your content later on.

Step 3: Check Out the Competition

Once you’ve settled on a keyword, do a search for it on Google and a few other search engines to see what your competition is already doing. Pay particular attention to:

  • The domains and URLs – How many are exact match domains? Does every URL in the top 10 include the keyword?
  • The titles – How do the title tags incorporate the keyword?
  • The type of content that’s ranking – Product pages? Blog posts? Videos?
  • The types of businesses that are ranking – Are they huge brands? Small businesses? News sites?
  • How authoritative those sites are – You can use a plugin like SEO for Firefox to check the age of the sites in the top 10, the size of their link profiles and so on.

You’re looking for ways that you can differentiate yourself. You’ll need to do at least as much as your competitors are doing to beat them. Ideally, you should be doing more, and doing it better.

Step 4: Consider Intent

The more specific the keyword (think long-tail keywords), the easier it is to gauge the searcher’s intent, and the easier it will be to serve up what those searchers are probably looking for. In search marketing, “intent” is our best guess at what the person using the search query really wants. Consider the following keywords and notice how much easier it is to guess the intent from the words alone as you go down the list:

  • glasses
  • eyeglasses
  • discount eyeglasses
  • discount eyeglasses frames
  • discount eyeglasses frames for kids

Ask yourself, what kind of content best serves the keyword? In this case, it would obviously be a selection of kid’s eyeglasses for sale. From the first term, you can’t even tell if the person is looking for eyeglasses or drinking glasses. And even for the second, the person might just be looking for pictures of eyeglasses; there is no clear intent to buy. An e-commerce business is mostly going to be trying to rank for commercial keywords.  

Google’s founders have said that the perfect search engine would serve only one result. You want to be that one result that satisfies the searcher’s need so they don’t bounce back to the search results, looking for a better answer.

Step 5: Conceptualize the Content

Next, form a plan for the actual content you’re going to create that will – hopefully – rank for your chosen keyword. There are many paths to ranking for a keyword, including but not limited to:

  • An article
  • A blog post
  • A product page
  • An index or directory of links (to other pages on your site or around the web)
  • An authoritative guide
  • An infographic
  • A video

How long will it take to create the content? Who should create it? Will you be doing everything in-house or outsourcing? Do you have all the resources and budget you need? Don’t get defeated: No matter your size or your budget, you have the ability to create a blog post. Content like infographics and videos will require more resources. Sometimes, the best way to answer a search query is with some sort of tool, like a mortgage calculator. If this is the case, you'll need engineering resources.

Step 6: Execute

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Execute on your plan. Again, you shouldn’t rush any of these steps, but it’s especially important not to rush this one. More and more, search engines are looking for high-quality content that benefits the searcher, not keyword-stuffed spam or pages full of ads that only benefit you. If you’d rather buy traffic than put in the effort it requires to earn “free” organic search traffic, investigate PPC. “SEO isn’t easy” should be your mantra.

Step 7: Optimize for Your Keyword

In reality, steps 6 and 7 should be intertwined. Optimize your content while you’re creating it, rather than applying optimization after the fact. This is where the list of keywords you formulated in step 2 comes in. Leverage those keywords where you can in your content, but not to the point of sounding like a crazy robot. Remember that there are a lot of “invisible” places for keywords, and I’m not talking about using white text on a white background or anything else that violates Google guidelines. I mean stuff like image file names – users won’t see these if they’re not looking for them, but they can increase your keyword rankings.

For a full list of on-page optimization factors, check out SEOmoz’s guide to the “perfect” page. Another good tip is to copy Wikipedia, whose pages tend to have stellar on-page optimization.

Wikipedia Keyword Rankings

Before you hit “publish,” it’s a good idea to quickly double-check your keyword research. It’s possible that your content has evolved during the development and creation phases, and you’ll need to make sure that there’s still alignment between keyword and content.

Step 8: Publish

It’s (finally) time to push your content out into the world. Depending on the type of content it is, you may need to be careful about scheduling this step. This isn’t usually a consideration for evergreen content, but it may be important for content that’s tied to something in the news, an event or a trend. You may also need to coordinate with PR or other interested parties at your company, for example when launching content related to a new product or service.

Step 9: Promote

This step is important and should come immediately after publishing – in fact, for big pieces of content, it’s great if you can do some media outreach before the piece goes live. Make sure you do what you can to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible before it even has a chance to rank for the keyword:

  • Share your content through your business’s social accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn et al. If you can, do this through your personal accounts too.
  • Use social buttons or widgets on your site to promote independent sharing – Make it easy for readers and viewers to keep the chain going. They’re more likely to tweet or share your article if all they have to do is click a button.
  • Build links to your content – Whatever the future of PageRank, link building is still a huge part of SEO (even if it is the most annoying part). Check out our blog archive on the topic if you’re looking to learn about link building.

How to Increase Keyword Rankings

Accruing page views and social shares will help you accrue links, which will help you earn that ranking.

Step 10: Analyze

You’re not quite done yet! The web is a living medium, and it’s never too late to better optimize your content. Check your keyword ranking manually (be sure you’re signed out and not seeing overly personalized results) or with a rank checking tool. Also use your analytics to see what keywords your content is actually ranking for – they might not be the exact ones you initially targeted. If, after a couple of weeks or so, you’re not ranking for the right keywords, you have more work to do. Make sure that your content:

  • Is truly optimized
  • Is truly high-quality
  • Is truly visible

It’s also possible that the keyword you chose is too competitive and you need to scale back your ambition. Try targeting less competitive keywords until you’ve built up more authority.

That’s it! This is the process we follow to rank for hundreds of keywords related to search marketing. Whatever your business niche, you can make the same process work for you. So GET STARTED!

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I have always said that SEO isn't hard work, it is just a lot of work. I think this is more often than not why a business will choose to hire an SEO consultant or an SEO company to handle the work for them. Most would prefer to keep thier mind on their own business and let someone else do all the "grunt" work that comes along with SEO activities. IMO

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What I've found that also helps your website's ranking and traffic is blo commenting.  It still does wonders for a website.

Monday August 26, 2013

Ibcbet (not verified) Said:

Mostly I want to improve to how rank my website but this now. with a new knowledge for this article reading. thanks

Monday August 12, 2013

Barbara Vega (not verified) Said:

Great article!  Very well written and thorough.  May favorite is the conceptualize the content area.  It's so important to have a variety of articles and videos etc so that you can become a resource for your audience.  Great job!

Sunday August 11, 2013

Ghazanfar (not verified) Said:

Great information, thanks! that will be very help ful.



Friday August 09, 2013

Vellore Information (not verified) Said:


      I am happy reading your blog and get more ideas about keyword research for website rank on google search.


Thursday August 08, 2013

cameron (not verified) Said:

Excellent article on seo.  I make sure i put my keywords in every paragraph.  Search engines prefer you place them in the first sentence and last.

Thursday July 25, 2013

shashank (not verified) Said:

Really nice and informative article. I wish I could have got some domain URL's from where we can get good high quality backlinks.



Tuesday July 23, 2013

Martin Eggeling (not verified) Said:

A piece of advice: Picking highly competetive keywords like in your snapshot example may not be the wisest move for a new website. Choose low or medium and a local search volume (broad) of 500 to 5000. Once you manage to rank THOSE you can think bigger by adding website content with stronger keywords.

Friday July 12, 2013

Farhan Fawzer (not verified) Said:

Spot on and very simply explained.

Monday July 01, 2013

Chris (not verified) Said:

How do you think? If we are doing a blog post in any other form with just content and if we are not hyperlinking any of the keywords in it .


is it useful for Keyword ranking?


Or if people have much more links on the single keyword that is if we can take the example of Email Marketing is having more 1000 links with Anchor "Email Marketing"


But still is on top with very few links..


Can we get the correct idea with lesser number of links also we can rank on few strategies.

Friday June 21, 2013

Aditya@ Connecting Bharat (not verified) Said:

Ya , I agree with your Tips but there are certain circumstances where quality of the content is dominated by Page Rank so better watch that out too .

Monday June 17, 2013

abhi (not verified) Said:

Great Answer Elisa :)

Tuesday June 11, 2013

Lyricsguru (not verified) Said:

Does social bookmarking for a specific keyword will do the job?

Monday June 10, 2013

Hamayon (not verified) Said:

Nice stuff, I want to know that how much links I have to get to rank a keyword with 0.29 competition score in Google adwords? Search volume is big but competition is low and please also tell from where I have to get those links forums, blogs or social media?

Monday February 11, 2013

Dinesh Kumar (not verified) Said:

Sir, very good post but i have one question my site is ranking well in search engine, but  my Page Rank is not increasing what shall i do suggest me please  


Thursday May 30, 2013

Candace (not verified) Said:

Good info. I am new to all of this and trying to figure out basic SEO. Very helpful and clear! Thanks!

Sunday December 07, 2014

Randy Garcia (not verified) Said:

Nice Elisa, Penguin is something every blogger needs to be careful with. Thanks for sharing this, it's helped me learned a few things to apply such as in SEO for my blog.

Wednesday November 26, 2014

Varun sharma (not verified) Said:

Thanks..I leant how to get rank on google after publish our post. But i want to ask if i publish a new post which is not of our niche site then how to get rank on top..Can you tell me step by step..or It is impossible..

Monday November 17, 2014

hamzaansari (not verified) Said:

how will i ranked my keyword in top for first page of google i did very hard work but website still low traffic

Friday December 05, 2014

Dave (not verified) Said:

I’ve just started out with a new site and ive been reading lots blogs about SEO and how to get my site ranked higher.

I found your blog to be informative and well written, easy to understand for people just learning like myself,

Thanks for the good advice and tips.


Monday June 03, 2013

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

Very basic, and doing the above will only get you ranking for low comp keywords, if it were this easy I'm sure we'd all be millionaires.

No offence, but I bet the author has never ranked a website high in the serps for any keyword higher than a low comp.

Friday May 31, 2013

Tim (not verified) Said:

If you want my advice, abandon the sinking ship that is Google right now. Head on over to Bing and Yahoo, their search results are much more relevant now a days. It appears as though Google is more obsessed with combatting spammers than delivering relevent results. This is just what I have been noticing while trying to search for general information and, I have noticed that I am not the only one seeing this. I would be interested to know what everyone else's thoughts are on the subject.

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Abhishek (not verified) Said:



This actually was a very well explained article. I was searching for ways to rank my website better and this actually help me understand the logc of optimization better


Tuesday May 28, 2013

sins21 (not verified) Said:

thx for sharing.. i found its hard to rank 1 these day on google

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Game Developer (not verified) Said:

All these tips are sounds great for the starter but i have one question, If i want to rank particular keyword in few weeks, what should i do for that.

Friday May 17, 2013

Nirav Vyas (not verified) Said:

Really, you did a lot of hardwork for your blog. And thanks a lot because here I got to know many thing from this post.

Monday May 13, 2013

yengkhom (not verified) Said:

Thank you Elisa for this valuable article. I'd been struggling lately. I hope this helps me.


Thursday May 09, 2013

CA Course (not verified) Said:

Nice post... backlinks really are necessary for SEO but they are really difficult to get.... It seems that Google is on its way to dish out some new alogrithm changes now... maybe its time for the Zebra Update smiley

Monday May 06, 2013

Tech Honey (not verified) Said:

Great Post. I absolutely loved the info
I am doing On Page SEO for my website (dealing with HTML, PLSQL and Oracle ERP).
I haven't yet started Off Page SEO.
If I search "PL SQL Synonyms" in my site ranks 2nd or 3rd, but as soon as I search for "Oracle PL SQL Synonyms" my site goes way down to 8th or 9th spot.
Can you please tell me the reason for such a behavior? (I am new to SEO)
Thanks in Advance

Thursday May 02, 2013

shanon (not verified) Said:

thanks Elisa for this nicely decorated article. I have a question, how to outrank a strong competitor. Say My site has better content, but its too new and some of the competitors in top 10 are there for many years. What to do in that case?


Friday April 26, 2013

Aerolite (not verified) Said:

thanks for the great tips! much appreciated...

Friday April 26, 2013

shafeeque (not verified) Said:

Thank you for this great information on SEO


Wednesday April 24, 2013

wealth dragons (not verified) Said:

SEO link-building is the most annoying part, I agree with you!

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Angela Adam (not verified) Said:

Thank you so much for great post.. Lots of useful info here. I think every small business owner must read this for increasing their online presence & Growing their Business.

Wednesday March 20, 2013

Saanvi (not verified) Said:


Thats really a very wonderful stat. I can see you’re already doing well with your new niche sites. Kudos.

I too believe so much that SEO is still very vital towards the success of any blog new or old. Thank God I’m beginning to learn the act small small.

I’m also working on creating some niche sites of which i will register one of the domains tomorrow.

I’ve really learnt much from you my man. Keep it up the SEO master..Haha.

Enjoy your weekend and here is to our success.

Tuesday March 05, 2013

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

 Thanks for this informative post.

Friday March 01, 2013

Betsy Muse (not verified) Said:

IIt doesn't matter how well you know this process, seeing it in writing - and so well written - is a great help. I will share your link with some writer friends who are just getting on the keyword bandwagon.

Monday February 25, 2013

Darin McCall (not verified) Said:

Amazing content.  Thank you so much!  I had previously been studying these topics but the idea of how to actually RANK the keyword once it was included and uploaded as content somewhere confused me.  But now I totally dig it.  Thanks again.

Friday February 08, 2013

Arvind (not verified) Said:

It is awesome to see the example of venture terms used in wiki, Just want to know,  not exact but related terms as used in there will be providing any help for ensuring the keyword density to develop?

Monday February 11, 2013

pmgindia (not verified) Said:

Thanks for this awesome information!!! I actually learnt that how to rank the keyword. 

Friday February 08, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Hi Arvind, yes, related terms should help you rank for your main keyword and variations on it. There is no set-in-stone "density" you need to reach.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

ponti (not verified) Said:

i did not check the terms in google. on a quick estimation i would say that with the term "oracle" you could have a lots of strong competition.

I I am pretty sure that you will have big difficulties to out rank them.

Monday June 03, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

This website kicks butt on some pretty competitive keywords actually. :)

Wednesday October 01, 2014

Don (not verified) Said:

I had a site that I was working on and it had been published for about 2 months, and the owners were worried because it wasn't ranking.

they were using wix, which i had heard it was impossible to rank with.  so i took over and within two weeks, we were visible for some terms

i stayed at it, and within a month and a half i had them number one on about 4 of their terms and 1st page for about the rest of them.

just recently we got on the first page for a very competitive term.  so it shouldnt take too long to get results from consistent

SEO practices.  the more competitive the term, the longer it will take to place.  but if you continously publish content, and your

competitor who is above you doesn't, almighty google someohow recognizes this, and they will slip and you climb.  link building is very annoying

and not all that.  i have maybe 19 links pointing my way, none of them have any kind of "link juice", it took a very long time for to get the ones i did.

and when google says if people like your site they will just link to it, it is just not true, especially for a new site.  people have to find you first, then deem 

your content so awesome to spend the time adding a link to your site.  its almost like a chicken before the egg scenario....i guess thats it....

Wednesday November 14, 2012

Luca (not verified) Said:

It all sounds great until Google slams you because you someone pointed a link towards you they didn't like... your content was copied by an older site and google considered them to be the original source, etc. etc. etc.. Or even worst the first 30 results are taken over by a spammer taking advantage of parasite hosts...

Thursday November 15, 2012

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Hence the "SEO isn't easy" mantra ... I admit it's discouraging and doesn't work 100% of the time. Best of luck to you.

Thursday November 15, 2012

Chris Marten (not verified) Said:

















Thursday November 15, 2012

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Thanks for leaving this cool art here.

Thursday November 15, 2012

BrainShakers (not verified) Said:

Great post. It is very informative post to get ranking of keywords. In SEO, complete on page optimization as per quality guidelines of search engines and quality off page optimization both helps together to get keywords ranked well.


Thursday November 15, 2012

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Thanks for reading.

Thursday November 15, 2012

SDGSteve (not verified) Said:

Great post, I've written variations of it a thousand times for clients struggling to comprehend how SEO works without ever being quite so comprehensive, I'll be sure to send them this way in future! Cheers.

Thursday November 15, 2012

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Thanks Steve!

Friday November 16, 2012

Paige C. Willey (not verified) Said:

Fabulous stuff. This is such basic stuff, but so important. I think we get blinded by a lot of the other factors that can influence rankings when going back to quality keyword research can make such a difference. 

I love that you include having a network in the first step. I find that is the most overlooked step with our clients. They want to build up their network as they are building up their content, which can work sometimes, but it's better to build relationships before you start pushing content on people. 

I always check the backlink profile of my competitors for a keyword to help get an idea of what I can expect. It also helps me build strategy right from the beginning keyword research stages. 

Also, think it's hilarious that you approved the above "art." It's inspiring. 

Friday November 16, 2012

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Thanks so much Paige! As time goes by, we find that we get more mileage out of our new content because that network is already in place (and keeps growing).

I'm glad you appreciate the art too ;)

Friday November 16, 2012

Eric Groene (not verified) Said:

Very nice piece for the beginner. I think that quality content and good promotion will be a key factor in the future of SEO and rankings 

Sunday November 18, 2012

keywords (not verified) Said:

Thanks for the tips! Your setep by step process makes it easier to understand and makes me know what to do in order to improve my keywords and my ranking. ;)

Monday November 19, 2012

Richard Ng (not verified) Said:

Hi Elisa,

Great article with cool tips. I especially like the Step 4 "Consider Intend", as this something that never come to my mind until now.


Monday November 19, 2012

bizworldusa (not verified) Said:

Great post. It is very informative post to get ranking of keywords. In SEO, complete on page optimization as per quality guidelines of search engines



Monday November 19, 2012

Nancy (not verified) Said:

This is one of the best post I have read in a long time. Thanks for the wonderful information. 

Monday November 19, 2012

Ivette (not verified) Said:

I love the way you outline the SEO. It's very important to rank high in Google. Thanks again for the great content!

Monday November 19, 2012

Carmen (not verified) Said:

Great information!!! Thanks for th great post. 

Thursday November 22, 2012

Nanny (not verified) Said:

Really very interesting blog post. Yes, content marketing is a best way if you want to rank your keyword on Google first page. Share publish content on social media sites like face book twitter will traffic on your website. Thanks for sharing tips to rank a keywords on Google.

Saturday November 24, 2012

Ankit (not verified) Said:

Hii Elisa

Your post is great.

I had gone through the all the stuff can you please put some light on point no. 6 and 7. Actually I am not getting it properly.


Ankit P

Tuesday November 27, 2012

Dave Cameron (not verified) Said:

That's some great insight Elisa. I particularly relate to Step 8- Publish.



Sunday December 02, 2012

Lionel (not verified) Said:

Firstly thanks for writing this awesome post. I couldn't skip a line while reading this. Very informative and detailed article on this topic.

Sunday December 09, 2012

James@paid to click (not verified) Said:

Thanks for the help working through the steps you laid out right now.

Saturday December 15, 2012

Shubhajit Chakraborty (not verified) Said:

Awesome post! I couldn't agree more with the Choosing a keyword that’s relevant to your business model part.

I also like long tail keywords and to find keywords from Google suggests. Ultimately its content that matters, for

whom we are writing and how that content benefits others.

Tuesday January 08, 2013

Anupam (not verified) Said:

Hey Alisa, I agree keyword research and analysis is very important and without proper selection we cannot rank well.

But what can be done if you have absolutely new site providing web design services. Keywords like web design services, web design companies, etc alone have more than 100,000 searches globally. Whatever combination we can think about is highly competitive and searches again over 50,000. What would you suggest in such case? Is there any hope that the new site can still pull traffic anyhow?

Tuesday January 08, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Here are some tips for ranking and targeting keywords when you have a new site:

Essentially you're going to need to start by targeting longer-tail terms and just work your way up. It takes patience and persistence.

Tuesday January 08, 2013

0-60 (not verified) Said:

i think link back worth a lot, but very hard to make. even though i have seen websites rank first on the first page with little links back (I use Alexa to see the number of links).Thanks for the article- really helpful

Saturday November 15, 2014

Stock (not verified) Said:

That depends on keyword recognition.

Friday January 11, 2013

Nancy (not verified) Said:

I do agree using longer tail keywords is the way to rank higher. It took me up to 8 months for my site to rank pr4. It works but you'll need to be patience. 

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Clare (not verified) Said:

Really useful information that helps make it all a bit easier to understand! Thanks!

Thursday January 17, 2013

Lester (not verified) Said:

How will we be penalized if we use people to build bulk back links for our site?

Thursday January 17, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

If the links look unnatural (and bulk links often do) you could get hit by Penguin.

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