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21 Ways to Get Ready for Small Business Saturday


What a well writen post by someone who clearly has worked hard learning how to do business online. Successful marketing is a lot more than simply posting affiliate links all over the Internet and hoping to get rich quick. It requires a lot of hard work learning step by step all the new skills as in any new trade or job where someone who is already qualified and successful shows you step by step how it is done.

The advice and tips given here are all we can wholeheartedly agree with having ourselves done the hard graft making many costly mistakes along the way but now seeing the reults we have always strived for beginning to bear fruit. Now we are giving away a free list building software which pays you for everyone who signs up on your squeeze page as well as providing a list of future customers provided you take a little time to build a relationship with them first?

We fully endorse this article and give it 10 out of 10 for content and good advice. Shared on Facebook and Tweeted.

To greater success everyone who is willing to do the hard work first.


Stephen & Jennifer.


Larry Kim
Nov 21, 2012

Hi Steve and Jennifer - thanks for this comment!

What a fabulously useful post! I think the most important one is having a button on each page and below each post.I think that post was very much needed! Thank you so much for it :)

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