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Get a Free AdWords Audit

Struggling with PPC advertising? Do you want to take your AdWords account performance to the next level? I can help!

I’ll do a complete PPC audit of your AdWords paid search account – for free. Seriously!

Next week – on Wednesday, December 12 at 1:00PM EST, I’ll be doing a live webinar with my colleague, Sean Quadlin from Hanapin Marketing (the folks who run the PPC Hero blog!). Click here to register for the Webinar.

During the presentation, I’ll be holding a live PPC optimization clinic – Sean and I will review 2 AdWords accounts and point out areas of strengths, and uncover opportunities to improve your PPC account performance.

A few years ago, I used to charge over $1000 for doing a custom PPC audit like this! But we’ll do it live, in-person and at no cost to you (except for an hour of your time).

How to Qualify for the Free PPC Audit

If you’d like the chance to have your AdWords account reviewed during the webinar by Sean and me, shoot an email to lkim at wordstream dot com with your name, company name and a link to your AdWords Performance Grader Report no later than 1:00 PM EST on Monday, December 10. I’ll email you if your account is selected!

How to Get Your Free AdWords Performance Report

If you’re not already familiar with the AdWords Performance Grader, it’s a free PPC audit tool that delivers an instant audit of your account in under a minute. It analyzes your account performance in 8 key areas including Long Tail Keyword Optimization, Quality Score, Click Through Rate, Ad Text Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, PPC best practices and more.

Here’s an example of what the Quality Score section of the AdWords Grader report looks like – notice how it graphs the impression-weighted Quality Score distribution of the keywords in your PPC account, then compares it to the recommended, average Quality Score distribution of other accounts like yours!

Free PPC Audit Clinic

To get your free AdWords Performance Grader report, go to http://www.wordstream.com/google-adwords and fill out the form to get your free report – then, shoot me an email (lkim at wordstream dot com) with the link and tune into our Webinar on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 1PM EST.

Why Do a PPC Audit?

In over 10 years of doing PPC, I’ve learned that it’s always valuable get a second opinion to check over your work and find any opportunities you might have missed out on. Even finding just one or two valuable ideas can result in tons of savings or more ROI in your PPC account.

Important Notes

  • Only 2 accounts will be selected at random. The odds of your account being picked for the live PPC audit is dependent on how many people take me up on my offer.
  • In the webinar, all personal information in your AdWords Performance Grader report will be redacted, like company name, URL, etc., so that nobody will know whose account it is. 

What Should I do Now!?

  1. Sign up for the Webinar
  2. Grade your AdWords account now
  3. Shoot me an email with a link to your AdWords Grader Report card (lkim at wordstream dot com). I’ll email you back ahead of the event if your PPC account is picked!


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