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25 PPC Tips & Tricks to Try in 2013

January 03, 2013
AdWords Tips

The gym is always extra-crowded this time of year, full of people redoubling their fitness efforts and trying to stick to their weight loss resolutions. The good news is, you can apply the same enthusiasm to your AdWords account without having to park at a crowded gym and fight for a spot on a bench or in your favorite class!

PPC Tips

Are you ready to kick some AdWords ass in 2013? Try out these 25 tips from our Customer Success team to save time and money and get better results.

Enable Sitelinks

Sitelinks! They are quick and easy to implement (through WordStream software or AdWords), cost no additional money and can have an enormous impact on CTR’s.

Erin Sagin, Customer Success Specialist

Log Your Performance

I track my results daily. First thing I do every morning is log yesterday’s account level performance into a daily tracking spreadsheet. In this sheet I set up formulas to project the data in the month-to-yesterday and have the formula average the current performance over the remaining days in the month. What I’m left with every day is an understanding of what my performance will be at the end of the month. Since I (should) have clicks, impressions, budget and/or conversion goals already established, I know exactly where I’m going on any given day. If I only have one account I can do this at the campaign level but If I have multiple accounts (agencies) then it allows me to prioritize which account needs work now.

PPC Performance Log

No tricks other than that from me. It’s a lot of optimizing based off of behavior given the time.

Rich Griffin, SEM Manager

Set PPC Resolutions

Resolution #1: Build a mobile website and landing pages.

Resolution #2: Start using phone tracking like Mongoose Metrics, or at least put different phone numbers on different pages.

Resolution #3: Start using the Dimensions Tab to find how to convert better.

Resolution #4: Split out your mobile and desktop campaigns (if you haven’t done so).

Resolution #5: Check your queries once again and work more with negatives.

Resolution #6: Try targeting display ads by placements and topics. Don’t rely only on keywords. Use retargeting as well.

Resolution #7: Get rid of the “limited by budget” sign. You are losing a lot of opportunities.

Resolution #8: Switch broad matches to “modified broad match.”

Resolution #9: Create ad scheduling (if you haven’t done so).

Resolution #10: Don’t leave your AdWords account on autopilot, hire an agency if you do not have time to manage it.  

Sergey Rusak, PPC Marketing Strategist

Take it Slow

Usually I tell clients if they are looking to restructure their accounts and make big changes to help with optimization they need to take is slowly. Making big changes too fast can be detrimental to your account. Take it slow, PPC is a marathon not a sprint.

Another thing I tell a lot of clients is that nothing in PPC happens overnight and nothing is 100% guaranteed so if something doesn’t work right away, don’t panic, try a new approach. Making subtle changes to the account can help.

Lisa Wilkinson, Customer Success Specialist

12 More Advanced PPC Tips for 2013

  • Tag all of your Bing destination URLs with Google Analytics tracking code to ensure data is importing properly
  • Create a campaign that targets select managed placements on Google's display network based off what you know about your target market. Create some really great banner ads using the display ad builder.
  • If you are e-commerce, make sure you have revenue tracking set up in Google Analytics.
  • If you a service based company, integrate AdWords with your CRM to better understand the value of each click. 
  • Duplicate campaigns based off customer-value from specific geographic regions. Spend more money where the average customer is worth more.
  • If you don't know, spend some time this year understanding what the lifetime value of a new acquisition is. Always look at click price with this in mind.
  • Set up remarketing through Google Analytics. Create separate ad groups to target different people. 
  • Avoid searching for your own ad online. It is not a clear indication of performance and can easily distract you. Look at the data within AdWords, Analytics and other tools to make decisions.
  • Utilize Google Places and +1. Make sure you have linked AdWords with Places if you rely on local business. 
  • For e-commerce, enable Google Shopping by setting up a Merchant Center account. Also check out Bing Shopping, as they are making regular improvements to it.
  • Read the Google Analytics Blog every day.
  • Always keep your Google Analytics Tab and your AdWords/WordStream tab open at the same time to make better bidding decisions.

Nick Weidman, Paid Search Specialist


These tips are awesome!  These will be helpful to start a wonderful year ahead.  Thank you so much for sharing this post.

You guys have some great content on your site.  

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Great tips here. I don't have time to manage my Adwords account, so are there any good agencies that you can reccomend?

These are huge tips! Thank you Elisa. Time to work at this guide one by one. Excellent post! 

We also spending more budget in Google Adwords, but I want to know how to find the buyer keywords is there any tool to find buyer keywords especially.

Jan 14, 2013

In your adwords account, under 'Tools and Analysis', you have a link called 'Keyword Tool'. Though it is not the buyer keywords, these would give you a better idea in keyword selection.

SEO is long run methods. we are going to get traffic through it however it'll takes time, however also it`s terribly effective for long run business goals.

PPC (pay per click ) it`s a part of search engine marketing, it`s term through that we will increase over leads instantly, we tend to only for each click. we tend to you have got abundant competition in your field then use will use PPC for immediate results.


Dofollow, correct implementation of rel-canonical, and editorial review system to prevent spamminess? I'm sold just on your smart comment.

We'll get back to you shortly!

Jan 08, 2013

You certainly deserve a round of applause for your information overload post and more specifically, your  blog in general.  Very high quality material

Jan 10, 2013

Money saved is money earned and definitely each point has given a new thought process which can be saved to reduce the cost per click.

Hi Elisa,

Great content. I particularly liked the "log your performance" tip.

Kind regards,

Pretty helpful indeed. I'm ashamed to say I've never even read the GA blog... but I will now!

Great tips, Wordstream are the best weapon for SEM

great blog post, thanks for sharing. Great tips!
very cool explanation, I will try to diversify as much as I can.

Very interesting post Elisa! The tips are fantastic and very helpul too! Thank you for the great share!!! 

This is some really great input mate. Loved those tips. Especially your reference about the "sitelinks". I do come across many webmasters who are still much clueless about this and do not know its basic inception, method of inception and its usefulness. I think after reading this post, they will be out and clear on this topic.

Thanks for your tips. They are very useful and helpful for us. I hope to read a new post yours very soon. Congrats for the blog from Spain :)

Great List, People really need to pay attention to "negatives".  I would venture to say Keywords you're NOT allowing are even more important than your targeted keywords.  

Your ad budget can get spent very quickly without proper negative filters.  So fast that it doesn't matter what you're targeting because you may never get the opportunity after your budget is spent for the day.

You guys did a great job with  "Controlling PPC costs with Negative Keywords" guide. I recommend everyone check it out..

Mar 09, 2013

Thanks for this impressive list, it give me some interesting ideas for improving our strategy in PPC :)

Great list Elisa, seems really interesting, I have to try this and hoping that it will help me enhance my PPC strategy.

Apr 18, 2013

Good tips.

Logging all your data is a basis on a effective capaign. If you don't see the data, you cannot know what is working and how to improve.

Also, we can check how adding as much extensions as you can, improve your ctr. It's really amazing how simple

Apr 19, 2013

Great advice. Agree - Site links are quick and easy to add to an ad and give an extra shot at catching the reader's eye. I know I am often drawn to ads with site links.

Great post with soem really good tips. Offer extensions are another useful tool to help you get the most out of AdWords.

I think the worst mistake people are doing with their PPC Campaign is that they are not tracking or analyzing carefully or leaving to auto mode. If you are not devoting yourself to your ppc campaign then how you can expect result from it. So my one and only advice to all who are choosing PPC Advertising is to consider all above PPC Tricks of yours if they really want to earn profit from their ppc campaign

Jun 24, 2013

Great Blog. Awesome tips on PPC management. I really like the tip by Lisa Wilkinson on taking ppc like a marathon not like a race.

Jul 17, 2013

Thanks for the excellent post. 

I'm new to Adwords and am trying to make the best of my campaign. I really appreciate your tips. I do have one question. What formulas did you use to predict the month outcomes in your spreadsheet (the green line)? I'm working on building a good SEM report and I really like yours.

Thanks in advance!

Great post with soem really good tips. 

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for sharing I have yet to try the PPC route and the post has helped,but I can see from what you have written

that it's going to be a steep learning curve! I will go through the blog to find more info.

Thanks again


Oct 22, 2013

Detailed report actually very helpful. User Preferences and how their different disability gives you a lot to think about.

Oct 31, 2013

Google Analytics is really a great tool.I LIKE it!


Is it possible that the PPC log is a downloadable template?

Great post and great blog. Very cool explanation, thanks.

Thank you Elisa.

Excellent post!

Very good work, congratulations. 

Att Andrés Ledo

Any new tips for 2014!?!? :)

WS is one of the best tool for improve our PPC campaign. Use it, its a must. Thank for sharing this useful post.

Mar 25, 2014

Hi, great tips, thank you :)

thanks for sharing this 25 ppc tips & tricks !



Very nice article! I save this site at my bookmarks.

Aug 14, 2014

thank you elisa


I am really appreciate with your all points, but I think we should use e-mail marketing with PPC, that's why it will be beneficial for long run.

I hope it will be good.

I don't know what you think? 

Please let me know about this opinion and also tell me which e-mail marketing is good.

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