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Tonight (January 11, 2013) at midnight is the deadline for early registration of Hanapin Marketing’s Hero Conference, a 3-day, all-PPC conference in Austin, TX, April 8-10.

Three great reasons to sign up for Hero Conf today

  • I’ll be speaking! And I’d love to meet you. Check out the full list of speakers to see all the PPC heroes you’ll be able to learn from – including my friends and colleagues: Bryan Eisenberg, Chad Summerhill, George Michie, Elizabeth Marsten, Jeff Allen, Joe Kerschbaum, Shawn Livengood, Noran El-Shinnawy, Matt Van Wagner, and many more. And me! :)
  • Bang for the buck. Hero Conf has a low speaker to attendee ratio for more one-on-one time, and is less expensive than similar industry conferences. (And you get the best price if you sign up today.)
  • Total PPC focus. A lot of search conferences are a mix of SEO and PPC, often favoring organic search topics. But if you work on the paid search side, you’ll be happy to know that Hero Conf is 100% PPC.

Here’s more info on your attendance options. You can get a one-day pass, a full conference pass, a workshop pass, or a Hero Pass, which gives you full conference access plus a one-on-one workshop. Note that all four options are cheaper if you sign up by the early registration deadline, tonight at midnight!

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Why I Love PPC Hero & Hanapin Marketing

I've been a reader the PPC Hero blog for 6 years. That's before I even founded WordStream! I’m a reader because they offer a daily stream of detailed and opinionated “in-the-trenches” PPC tips and tricks – it’s a refreshing alternative to the usual basic PPC stuff.

Back in 2007, when I was raising venture capital investment for WordStream, I once answered an investor’s question (“what is a long-tail keyword?”) simply by sending him a link to a detailed blog post on the subject on the PPC Hero blog!

I've gotten a chance to work with many people on the PPC Hero team on various webinars in the past few months – Pat, Eric, Megan, Sean, and others – and they’re an awesome crew, smart and fun to work with, so I’m sure the conference will be awesome!  

I hope to meet you there! Click here to register.

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