WordStream’s Best of the Month – Our Greatest Hits from June


Happy late solstice and early Independence Day, y’all! Clap your hands if summer is your favorite month.


These early days of summer are my favorite, before it gets too stiflingly hot to sleep and before my feet get too irreparably disgusting from walking around in flip-flops. While we’re all still in a good mood (right?) let’s review our hottest blog posts from the month of June!

The Top 10 Best AdWords Features You're Not Using – Our new contributor Johnathan Dane put together this list of the most awesome AdWords features that too few people are making use of.

Google AdWords Ad Extensions Cheat Sheet – Thanks to Erin Sagin for this quick cheat sheet that’ll help you figure out which ad extensions to use when.

News Flash: PPC Is Inbound Marketing – This one was posted too late in the month to make it into May’s roundup, so I’m slipping it in here. Larry took SEOmoz’s rebranding as an opportunity to revisit our definition of “inbound marketing” – and PPC counts! 

How Product Listing Ads Are Stealing Your Conversions – PLA’s are the conversion-sucking monsters of the SERP – be afraid!

Image Extend Your Ads: Google Introduces New Image Extensions – Google keeps finding new ways to make ads prettier and more clickable. Image extensions allow even non-e-commerce companies to put pictures in their ads.

12 Alternatives to Buying Pinterest Followers: Put Away Your Wallet, We've Got a Better Way – Thinking of buying Pinterest followers? We don’t recommend it. Here are some more creative ways to get more followers.

How To Get Even More Google Sitelinks! – Google has introduced new ultra-mega-sitelinks – they’re like the T-Rex burger of AdWords ads.

Top 4 Google AdWords Features I'll Be Exploring This Summer – Erin and the rest of our client services team recently met with Google in New York to do some exploring, and here are the tools and features she’s most excited about.

Should I Delete My Low Quality Score Keywords? – Low Quality Score keywords dragging you down? Deleting isn’t always the answer – learn how to approach this problem the right way.

Also, if you missed it, check out our freshly updated Google Graveyard infographic – a (macabre) celebration of retired Google products and services.

Have a great weekend!

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Randall Magwood
Jun 30, 2013

(Hands clapping)... lol. "The Top 10 Best AdWords Features You're Not Using" is still my favorite post of the month.

Elisa Gabbert
Jul 01, 2013

Ha, thanks Randall! (Yep, that was a winner!)

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