Further Adventures in Inbound Marketing: HubSpot PPC Hub & Upcoming Moz Webinar


Recently, we did our best to put the lie to the myth that PPC is outbound marketing. There’s a persistent idea that cost is the determining factor that separates inbound and outbound marketing. But we believe that all marketing has costs – since no channel is free, what matters is ROI. So inbound marketing isn't free marketing, but rather is defined by context and intention.

Like organic content marketing, PPC ads are driven by context and user intent – in other words, the ads are only triggered when they’re relevant to what people are already searching for. And with increasingly more effective and blinged out ad types, PPC is more and more likely to meet a searcher’s needs just as well, if not better, than an organic result. (We believe that for commercial searches, PPC is better – that’s why fancy ads like PLA’s suck up all the intent on the SERP.)

Today, we’re happy to announce some upcoming and ongoing partnerships with two of the biggest and best providers of inbound marketing services and thought leadership: HubSpot (our neighbors across the river!) and Moz.

Introducing the HubSpot PPC Hub

We recently partnered with HubSpot to create a new source of paid search marketing expertise: the HubSpot PPC Hub.


This resource center provides educational content based on the five key habits we believe are the greatest determiners of PPC success:

Habit 1: Regular Account Activity

Habit 2: Quality Score Optimization

Habit 3: Eliminating Wasted Spend

Habit 4: PPC Ad Optimization

Habit 5: Landing Page Optimization

Each month, we’ll release new content to help marketers master each of these five habits. You can start learning the importance of regular account activity now, and by November, you’ll be your company’s PPC pundit!

As Amanda Sibley, Global Marketing Relations Manager at HubSpot, put it, “PPC has been a valuable channel of quality lead generation for HubSpot, and we find it complements our organic search strategies. So we’re excited to be partnering with WordStream to bring our audience high-quality PPC content.”

Check it out!

Register for Our Upcoming Mozinar: Mastering the New Inbound Marketing

In addition, Larry Kim and Moz CEO Rand Fishkin will partner on July 23 to co-host a free webinar (or Mozinar, for you fellow Moz fans) on new-style inbound marketing:

Mastering the Flow: How to Make the New Inbound Marketing Work for You

7/30 @ 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT

Whether it’s SEO, PPC, email, or content marketing, the new inbound marketing is about earning attention organically when your customers are looking for you, not interrupting their flow. Learn from some of the best in the business, Moz CEO Rand Fishkin and WordStream founder Larry Kim, why smart inbound marketing is responsible for 90%+ of clicks on the web, and how to make inbound marketing work for you.

Register now – we’ll see you there!

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Randall Magwood
Jul 13, 2013

Just registered for the webinar. Thanks, and yes, PPC has and still is a great lead generation tool for my internet business.

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