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Hey Internet marketing maniacs, I’ve got a couple of new webinars coming up in the next week and would love for you to join us!

Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?

Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?” will be a joint webinar, presented by Hanapin Marketing’s Carrie Albright and me. We’ll be sharing best practices and creative tips for PPC budget management, including:

  • Reconciling  PPC budget with your overall marketing costs
  • Adjusting your strategy for large or small accounts
  • Choosing the right metrics to help define your spend
  • Incorporating expenses like agency or staff overhead

This webinar will serve as a great refresher for spend planning, overall budgeting, and cost measurement, whether you’re planning your initial PPC budget or re-evaluating current spend. Come prepared to get answers to questions like:

  • How much budget do I need to get started in PPC?
  • How is budgeting different if you’re doing lead generation vs. e-commerce?
  • How do impression share metrics impact bidding and budget strategies?
  • How much should I allocate to Bing vs. AdWords, social vs. search, search vs. display, mobile vs. desktop?

The free webinar will be happening TOMORROW: Thursday, July 25 at 1 PM Eastern time. Register here!

Reminder: How to Do PPC in an Inbound Marketing Compatible Way

My webinar with Moz (AKA my Mozinar) with Rand Fishkin got rescheduled from 7/23 to 7/30 (next Tuesday) at 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern), so there’s still time to sign up!

inbound marketing webinar

Details below:

News Flash: PPC is Inbound Marketing! How to do PPC in an Inbound Marketing Way

7/30 @ 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT

Whether it’s SEO, PPC, email, or content marketing, the new inbound marketing is about earning attention organically when your customers are looking for you, not interrupting their flow. Learn from some of the best in the business, Moz CEO Rand Fishkin and me, why smart inbound marketing is responsible for 90%+ of clicks on the web, and how to make inbound marketing work for you.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The changing definition of Inbound Marketing and why marketers should care
  • The difference between the spammy vs. inbound way of doing PPC
  • The concept of user context in PPC and how to create relevant ad experiences that target by time, location and device
  • How to use PPC to amplify your content marketing efforts

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