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This might hurt a little – apologies, but I promise it will feel better in the long run. Coming to terms with this important realization is the first step in your PPC recovery. Are you ready for it?

You’re doing PPC wrong.

I know that’s frustrating to hear; if you’re like most SMB marketers, you think you’re already doing everything you can to better manage your paid search campaigns. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re following conventional wisdom and managing your account in the same way you and every one of your competitors has been for the last several years, you’re throwing money out the door.

In an upcoming webinar, I’m going to show you how to break free of the mold the vast majority of PPC marketers have trapped themselves into.

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You’re throwing out your 1% CTR ads and focusing on those with 2% or higher CTRs, right? That’s what you’ve been told to do: create some ads and toss the worst of the worst. You know what you’re left with? The mediocre. It’s okay to have mediocre ads, but if that’s all you’ve got, it’s time to raise the bar.

Your Ad Testing Kind Of Sucks

“But I’m testing!” you say. Unfortunately, conventional A/B testing has serious pitfalls that are hindering your ability to pinpoint the most effective ads and improve your performance. I like to call the testing style employed by most marketers “rearranging the deck chairs.” You’re going through the motions, but the end result is the same. You should really change that.

How am I so sure your testing sucks? My analysis of over 10,000 PPC ads in various positions shows that it is entirely possible to generate 10 to 20% - even 50% - CTRs.

Extreme CTRs aren’t common, but then, they shouldn’t be. The plain truth is, PPC marketers just aren’t trying very hard and the bar has been set really, really low. Eighty percent of PPC ads are awful, but 20% are amazing – within that 20%, one-fifth of those are super amazing, incredible, top performing ads.

There’s a bit of great news hidden in there: the door is wide open to those willing to roll up their sleeves, invest the time in their account, and optimize smarter. If you’re not one of the few enjoying superstar ads (and the leads and sales they generate), you can still get there.

I’m going to show you how to at least triple your CTRs. You’re going to stop looking at 2% as a win and start shooting for 5 to 10 times that, because you will have seen hard evidence that it’s absolutely within your reach… and you’ll have the tools to do it.

No More Boring PPC Ads

Repeat after me: “I pledge to stop creating stupid, boring ads that make my target market yawn.”

Triple Your CTRWe’re going to start by examining the average CTRs of those 10,000 PPC ads across a variety of industries we analyzed. This is an important first step, because you need to understand what Google considers to be a “good” or “bad” CTR at baseline.

Then we’re going to drill deep into the data, to reveal real truths behind the success of those top ads – the top 20% superstar ads within the top 20% of all ads. You’re going to discover and learn more about the common elements of these top performers, because there’s nothing lucky about an ad that outperforms its counterparts by ten, twenty or fifty times. These are the result of superior creativity and insane ad testing techniques.

You’re going to take away a step-by-step methodology for creating and testing ads that can generate 20-30% CTRs (or greater). You’ll leave with advanced, actionable insight into demographic, geolocation and keyword selection strategies you can employ immediately to correct the deficiencies in your AdWords account.

PPC Success Is Yours for the Taking

Like I said, the results of our testing prove there is a huge opportunity for PPC marketers to surpass their competition. We’ve analyzed over $3 billion in AdWords spend and surveyed tens of thousands of accounts for this latest research and other recent reports – we consistently see a real lack of effort in the market, from businesses of all verticals and sizes. So register now and learn how to fix it.

Totally Insane Paid Search Ad Optimization Techniques That Are Guaranteed to Triple Your CTR starts at 1pm EST Thursday, January 23 – don’t miss it!

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Jan 16, 2014

You have no idea how many times I think that "I'm gonna find out what the trick is!" Thanks for the post

Larry Kim
Jan 16, 2014

hope you can make it tom!

Jan 16, 2014

Hi Larry,You have raised the hope of many through this post and I just hope the webina would deliver as it has promised.However, the observations and analogies you made in this post are real.Creating and testing of PPC ads by some businesses are readily not worth considering.Unfortunately, a lot of money goes into PPC  budgets and the needed results are not considered.Well, hopefully, the Totally Insane Paid Search Ad Optimization Techniques That Are Guaranteed to Triple Your CTR  Webinar would provide solution for those that sign up!

Larry Kim
Jan 16, 2014

Hi Sunday! I promise that the research i will share in this presentation will blow your mind away and give you a fresh new perspective on ad testing.

Victor Pan
Jan 21, 2014

Better quality videos and sound please!

Larry Kim
Feb 06, 2014

ok ok

Jan 25, 2014

I hate to say this but... I missed it :( and I'm dying to find out what those tricks are!!! Is there anyway you are having a white paper of some sort soon?

Jan 30, 2014

I missed the first half of the webinar (daddy daycare duties) but was told there would be a recording made available to all that still the case?I haven't received any emails...please let me know....thanks!Martin 

Elisa Gabbert
Jan 31, 2014

Hi Martin! You can watch the full recording here:!

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