PPC: Impossible? Not for WordStream’s Elite Paid Search Agents!


WordStream recently received intel from one of our field agents that Kristi Anderson, VP of marketing for GetOutfitted.com, was attempting to maximize the effectiveness of her PPC campaigns and increase conversions.

Despite facing overwhelming odds, Kristi succeeded in her mission by using WordStream’s not-so-super-secret paid search technology. Over the course of 30 days, Kristi learned precisely where she was going wrong in her paid search efforts, enabling her to take immediate action and get incredible results.

In just 30 days, Kristi was able to:

  • Improve her impression-weighted Quality Score by 50%
  • Raise her average CTR from 0.26% to 6.32% - 24 times higher than her original CTR
  • Increase her account activity score from 39% to 72%

Kristi’s mission was ambitious, but far from impossible. In our upcoming webinar, Kristi will be joining WordStream’s Customer Success Specialist Margot da Cunha to share what she learned and explain how she was able to improve her overall AdWords account metrics by 1,200%.

Join Kristi, Margot and WordStream on Thursday, April 10 at 2 p.m. EST to learn how Kristi improved her account and how she’s working with the WordStream team to make a great account even better – because your AdWords account can always be more badass.

You can beat the odds and overcome “impossible” obstacles standing between you and PPC success – register now!

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