New Webinar: Test Your Way to More Leads from PPC


If you’ve been attending WordStream’s recent webinars (or reading the blog), you already know some of the secrets to hacking AdWords – like how Quality Score is really calculated, and the secrets behind “unicorn” ads with super-high click-through rates.

Now it’s time to learn our best A/B testing tips – the changes, big and small, that can help you drive way more leads (not just clicks) though PPC, without giving Google more of your sweet, sweet cash.

a/b testing webinar

In our next webinar, “7 Powerful A/B Tests That Drive More Leads from Paid Search,” WordStream will team up with Optimizely to reveal the secrets of A/B testing that will help you drive more leads from paid search.

Join WordStream and Optimizely on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 1 p.m. EST (5 p.m. UTC) – register now!

WordStream’s testing and web optimization expert Toni Pace will show you how to leverage each stage of the funnel to increase your lead volume. Toni will be joined by Ryan Lillis, a Conversion Optimization Strategist at Optimizely, who will explain how to test each level of the funnel, as well as how to increase visitors to your site AND increase your conversion rates with the same number of clicks.

As if that weren’t enough, during this hour-long webinar, you’ll also learn how to:

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your A/B tests
  • Optimize ad copy and offers to improve conversions
  • Apply the principles of conversion flow to your landing page design process
  • … And much more!

To illustrate these principles, Toni and Ryan will walk you through seven real examples to demonstrate how effective A/B testing can be. After the webinar, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the paid search lead gen funnel, and come away with actionable steps that you can apply to your PPC advertising campaigns that will result in more leads for the same budget.

Register for “7 Powerful A/B Tests That Drive More Leads From Paid Search” today to reserve your spot!

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Mike Rizzo
May 30, 2014

Way to go Toni, Looks like it will be a very interesting topic!

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