The Greatest & Most Complete Intro to Mobile PPC EVER


Get this: since last year, mobile paid search advertising has increased by 55%. Even crazier: Mobile PPC now accounts for one-fifth of total advertising spend.

We keep hearing that advertisers aren't seeing great ROI from their mobile ad campaigns, though. Even if you’re making the investment, you don't feel like you’re getting your money's worth.

As mobile PPC continues to increase in value and surpasses desktop PPC…how can you tap into the massive opportunity of connecting with highly motivated, on-the-go consumers?

Don't keep plugging away, following the old best practices – we've discovered that the conventional wisdom for desktop PPC is dead wrong when it comes to mobile. If you're doing what you've always done, you're sabotaging your own mobile campaigns.

That sucks, right?

So here's what we're going to do to turn this around!

greatest mobile ppc webinar

This Thursday, I'm hosting a free, live webinar for marketers who are ready to get serious about their mobile PPC strategy: The Greatest & Most Complete Intro to Mobile PPC EVER. You're going to learn everything you need to know about how the search market has evolved, why your old tactics just aren't working anymore, and what you can do right now to change your fate.

Participants in this exclusive mobile PPC training session are going to take a 40-minute deep dive into the new rules of mobile PPC, backed by solid data on what the people you want to reach are doing right now.

You're going to walk away with the secret strategies and tools you need to build great mobile ads, measure what actually matters, target like a boss and drive greater ROI.

Your customers and prospects have embraced mobile technology. It's time you did, too.

Join us TOMORROW, Thursday, June 26 at 2:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm GMT) for The Greatest & Most Complete Intro to Mobile PPC EVER. Get registered today to save your spot – this is one training session you can't afford to miss. See you there!

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