8 Industries That Must Have a Video Marketing Strategy


Did you know that 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video in 2019, according to Cisco? While that’s pretty astounding, it isn’t THAT shocking. You’ve likely already noticed that your Facebook feed has turned into a jam-packed binge-watching session. You likely send out a few snap videos a week to friends and family, and Facetime has become the main way you communicate with your nieces and nephews.

Aside from your social media habits and personal communication styles, you’ve also likely observed that more and more businesses are using video on their websites. Whether it be embedded in a blog post or as a homepage hero video, it’s clear that video content is becoming more and more critical for each and every industry to use in their marketing efforts.

Not only is video content processed by the brain much faster than written text, but video allows businesses to form a closer human connection with each potential customer; this ultimately leads to higher trust and more sales.

video marketing strategies

Does video make sense for your industry? The answer is always yes, but here are eight industries that MUST use video on their websites.

#1: SaaS

While SaaS (software as a service) isn’t the most glamorous industry, it is one that should absolutely be using video. In fact the unglamorous aspect makes video content even more critical to building a strong brand and emotional connection with website visitors.

Coming from a SaaS background, I can tell you first-hand how important video is to connect with your audience. When a prospect is visiting your site for the first time you often have one chance to make a memorable impression before that individual moves on to your competitor.

InfusionSoft does this by showing the human side of their business through their customer success stories, as well as through their culture page showing the people and the beliefs behind the company:

#2: Travel & Hospitality

If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth ten thousand more. In such a visual and service-oriented industry as travel, using video to showcase your beautiful business is a no-brainer.

While galleries and slideshows are nice, nothing quite brings the scene to life like video. Whether it be a resort in Mexico, a vineyard in the South of France, or even a motel in the middle of America, video content will help bring your location to life, encouraging website visitors to book with you over the hotel or service down the street.

I recently stumbled across River Ranch, a business that is gracefully using video across their entire website. Navigate to the various tabs and prepare to be enticed here!

video marketing strategy for restaurants

#3: Healthcare

There is nothing more important than your health, right? This is why trust can be hard to win in the healthcare industry. Whether it be a large hospital searching for a healthcare software company to fulfill a need or a patient choosing a doctor or specialist in their new neighborhood, a huge amount of trust need to be gained to make these decisions.

Google has also found that out of 700 healthcare administrators surveyed, every customer reported watching videos to see product demonstrations. Even more impressive is that after watching, 79% continued on to the manufacturer’s website and 63% talked to others about the information.

Check out the great example below from the electronic health record (EHR) company hellohealth. They use video across their website to gain trust from their potential customers.

#4: Education

When it comes to big, important decisions, education probably falls just behind healthcare. The quality of education received can make a substantial impact on one’s future, so deciding which kindergarten to send your child to or which grad school to apply to as an adult is a heavy-weighted decision.

While video won’t likely be the only factor considered, it is a wonderful way to bring interested parties in the door as they’re searching through your website.

Visit the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s website to see how they use video across their pages to form an emotional connection with potential applicants.

educatoin video marketing

#5: Agencies

If you are running an agency you’re all-too-familiar with the tedious sales processes involved in getting a contract signed. With a long sales cycle, and the constant pressure of knowing that similar conversations are occurring with your competitors, having a way to stand out is a necessity.

What could be better than giving prospects a first-hand look into your business? BluLeadz, an inbound marketing agency in Florida, is slaying the video game, and has been able to successfully close more high-value customers by using video throughout their sales process.

For example, when you visit their site one of the first videos you’ll find is their “About Us” video, introducing everyone in the company to show prospects that theirs is a large, hard-working team excited at the potential of working with your business.

You can also read about how they convert more high-value customers with video here.

#6: Law

Whether you’re going through a grueling divorce or you’re the victim of a hit and run, when life throws you a curveball you might find yourself searching for the right lawyer to win your case.

While the stakes vary between cases, lawyers are typically a large investment so gaining trust immediately is critical. This is why video is a necessity for lawyer marketing. The prospect needs to feel that human connection immediately, and there’s no better way to do that then to see a video of the lawyer and hearing success video testimonials from their previous cases.

The Law Office of Jeffrey B. Kelly has created an entire video section of their website with Lawyer Kelly himself in each video. Check it out here.

video marketing for lawyers

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#7: Finance

Money is a sensitive topic, and trusting others to handle your hard earned money isn’t easy. Like in the law industry above, with trust being so critical, a video marketing strategy becomes even more critical for folks in the financial industry.

“About Us” videos, culture/value videos, explainer videos, and video testimonials are just a few video types that financial marketers should be investing time and resources into. Check out this great example of a video testimonial on the City National Bank website.

This short one-minute video gives the viewers a sense of ease when hearing this business feels that City National has become a part of their family. This can only be clearly conveyed with such a powerful emotional connection by using video.

#8: E-commerce

As a constantly connected society with remarketing advertisements filling our Facebook feeds, more and more consumers have become reliant on e-commerce over in-store shopping. As a frequent online shopper myself, having a video representation of a product makes a significant difference on my likelihood to buy.

Why? Well, when looking at static image of a pair of pants or a piece of furniture it’s hard to get the full visual and realistic representation as to what the product will look like in person. For instance, I want know what the dress I’m about to buy looks like from every angle on a real moving human being.

One company that’s killing it using video in this way is ModCloth. They're creating videos, like the example below, that show off their dresses and also provide the height and size of the model for further context.

While I believe that every industry should have a video marketing strategy, it’s especially critical for the eight listed above. Get out your video camera and start making more website videos to build trust and connect with your audience.

About the Author:

Margot is a Customer Success Coach at Wistia. She loves all things digital, and spends her free time running, traveling, and cooking. Follow her on:

Twitter: @ChappyMargot

Google+: +Margot da Cunha

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/margotdacunha

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Vittoria Dmowska
Nov 22, 2016

Interesting, but I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on You Tube potentially impacting the value of producer's content? This seems to be a concern for a lot of the producer's we work with at Video Elephant.

Alexis Gil
Nov 24, 2016

Thanks for sharing! I think that in our days video marketing is good almost for any sphere of the business. Only the amount of it can differ. You can present any product or service by means of video. But if for clothes, for example, it will be the main presentation, then some courses you can present from time to time in such way.

John Baker
Nov 28, 2016

Great article highlighting the importance of video in this fast moving digital age. Many industries now benefit from video marketing as one of its most powerful digital tools.

Richa gangwani
Nov 29, 2016

Good one! This reminds me of https://medium.com/super-startups/31-video-making-tools-to-promote-any-startup-easily-cefe1d058c3c

Thank you.

Claire Noble
Jan 18, 2017

Very interesting article.
I really like that you showed how different niches can embrace video in marketing and ad campaigns. I own my own bakery and I just started using video on social media. I used a couple of tools to make my video, like Viddyad, Animoto, and Promo (slide.ly/promo) and I find that Promo actually provides videos per niche or industry. They don't have bakeries yet, but it's still pretty easy to use. I think it's safe to say that the video trend can work for everyone, if done right, but it's really nice to learn tactics on how to use it inside a specific industry.

vrisha malan
Apr 08, 2017

The "Video Marketing" is the term that most of us have worked with from time-to-time since we know the videos are clearly a great marketing tool. The Video Marketing can be a very excellent source of quality traffic for blogs and websites if done perfectly.

One can earn massive amounts of money by making quality and engaging videos on Youtube. But I then read lots of articles lately regarding how hard job it is to shoot, edit & develop from scratch to the youtube channel nowadays. Moreover, there is a market for buying & selling YouTube views, likes, getting subscribers, etc. Somehow a lot of YouTubers are using this kind of services and try to gain a lot more popularity that they deserve.

I decided video marketing myself, like making videos on youtube about an Android and smartphones, for example, basic stuff, howto guides, but also promoting respective website link in the description with more details on the matter. It didn’t pay out the effort…

But yeah, the Video marketing can be very valuable, not only in generating an extra source of traffic but also having active readers on your blog or website plus it adds authority to your blog and helps you branding yourself.

Quran Lessons Online
Jun 14, 2017

Really nice and informative blog. Video marketing is now vast in public for few reasons like Whatsapp sharing and social media. Thanks for this great idea.

Natalie Hart
Jul 08, 2017

absolutely brilliant. I have always been a big proponent of video marketing, and I can see how these industries would benefit accordingly. As a recent divorcee, I can tell you that I found an attorney through various legal channels through video marketing. The guy looked legit and I signed up. I have my own arts and crafts e-commerce platform and I’m using dynamic video retargeting services provided by Treepodia. My clients love these videos, and I have much higher engagement levels with them because of it.

Embold Media
Aug 01, 2017

At Embold Media, we're also helping a lot of app creators communicate their vision for their app through compelling videos. Our clients have been able to secure funding with the help of our videos, which is always a triumph for our entire team.

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