Spotlight on Touching Clients: 3 Ways One Agency Expanded Their Offerings with WordStream

On April 24, 2015

Do you work at an agency? Then you’re likely all too familiar with the emails that give you stress-induced panic attacks, or the phone calls that make you want to weep on your favorite co-worker’s shoulder. Agency life is tough! Not only are you juggling multiple clients with varying business models and goals, but each of those individuals is looking at you as the “expert” (whether or not you’ve accepted that title as accurate).

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Special Offer for Trada Customers

On March 30, 2015

Today, Trada announced that it is going out of business. Trada was founded shortly after us, so we’ve watched the company develop with interest. It was an innovative paid search company with a unique crowdsourced business model, and we’re sorry to see them go.

These situations are never easy and they always occur suddenly. We have formed a partnership with Trada to help transition their customers and minimize any interruption to their generating leads and sales. If you were previously working with Trada, here are the details of what we have worked out together:

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WordStream Beats Bing in Super Bowl Smackdown

On February 6, 2015

It was a wager that almost had to happen.

A couple of weeks before the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, WordStream entered into a friendly bet with Bing. With Bing based in Washington and WordStream based in Boston, it was as if fate itself had intervened.

The bet itself was simple. Representatives of each company agreed to proudly wear the opposing team’s colors, depending on who ultimately won Super Bowl XLIX. If the Seahawks won, Larry and I would wear Seahawks jerseys for the day, and vice versa.

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Customer Spotlight: Quick Mobile Fix

On January 16, 2015

Sharing our PPC knowledge is a big part of what we do here at WordStream, but there’s no substitute for learning from real-world examples.

It’s one thing to read about PPC at the WordStream blog or learn some new techniques in one of our webinars, but it’s another thing entirely to see how a company applies this knowledge to their own paid search campaigns. That’s exactly what we’ll be sharing with you as part of our brand-new Customer Spotlight series.

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WordStream’s Best of the Best: 2014

On December 30, 2014

It’s been a truly remarkable year in search marketing. We’ve seen huge changes affect virtually every aspect of paid search and SEO, as well as content and social marketing, and 2015 is already shaping up to be even bigger.

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WordStream’s Best of the Month: November

On November 26, 2014

Things are about to get weird.

Already stressing out about the traffic or the weather (or both)? Before you set off to wherever you’re going this weekend (which is probably work, if you’re anywhere other than the United States), check out WordStream’s best posts from November.

Oh, and I won’t be making any lame Thanksgiving jokes, like, “Be thankful for these awesome posts” – sorry.

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WordStream’s Best of the Month: October

On October 31, 2014

Shhhh – be very quiet. Don’t move. Stay exactly where you are – they might see you.

Okay, I think they’re gone. No, I don’t just mean the shambling corpses wandering past the window, I mean the most popular posts from the WordStream blog in October. Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of “The Walking Dead” lately, and I rarely get the opportunity to work zombies into posts about marketing strategies.

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