The Value of Keyword Expansion (And How to Do It Well)

On August 17, 2009

The following was previously a series of blog posts. We're repurposing the series in a single document here to make the piece easier to link at and reference; additionally our readership is much larger than it was when we first started the blog, and we thought the new readers might find the content valuable. The original posts can be found here:

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WordStream Dives into Search Engine Strategies San Jose

On August 14, 2009

Obvi, SES was the big event on the blogs this week. It’s already been recapped and live-blogged all over the place so I won’t spend too much time re-recapping it or dead-blogging it now. But I do want to highlight some of the excellent coverage and connections we made in San Jose.

First up, the coverage. Worth going back and reading if you missed it:

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Facebook Lite and Other Things That Terrify Me

On August 13, 2009

Last week, Twitter optimization; This week, Facebook optimization?

It’s yet another “big week in search,” and not just because of SES. Seriously, lately every week feels like a big week in search, what with all these deals and acquisitions, revamped home pages, yet more announcements from Google of dubious significance.

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SMO Is the New SEO: The Rise of Social Media Optimization

On August 7, 2009

The Week in Search

Twitter domination continues, or, it's time to add "Twitter Optimization" to your skill set. 

Is old-school social linking dead?

Andrew Goodman of Traffick claims that social linking is going the way of the dodo. Taking its place? Sharing (via Facebook, Google Reader, and social bookmarking sites) and "social tweeting":

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