Interview With The Experts: Eric Lander

On June 26, 2009

If you've had any interaction with Eric Lander, you probably know a few things: He lives outside Boston, he's established way more companies than most people under 30 (or 60, for that matter), he's incredibly kind (don't let him tell you otherwise), and he really knows search and social marketing. We decided to take advantage of the last part by asking him to kick off our Search Marketing Interview Series.

WordStream extends a very sincere thank you to Eric for sharing his insight and expertise with us. 

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How to Create PPC Landing Pages that Work for SEO

On June 17, 2009


The conventional thinking on pay-per click landing pages is that they should be “dedicated landing pages”, should be “de-indexed”, and that you need to create individual pages for PPC versus organic search. There are a number of very good resources on landing pages that will tell you this.

There’s validity here; it’s most likely the case that you’ll optimize conversions by creating a separate landing page for PPC traffic.

However, this post will tell you why in some cases it can be a poor use of resources.

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Twitter Tips: Using Twitter for Internal PR

On June 8, 2009

I see a lot written about Twitter tips and how Twitter is great for public relations, like branding, building relationships and trust, awareness, etc. And the fact of the matter is it's true: Twitter is a great platform for external communications efforts.

But I’ve also discovered that Twitter is a great tool for internal PR, and can be used to communicate and promote positive, in-house relations. And given the tough economic climate we’re in, I bet everyone at your office could use a morale boost.

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Internal Link Building Kit

On June 2, 2009

The MadeUpCompany Link Building Kit

This is an “internal link building template.” One best practice for companies hoping to attain high search rankings is to get company employees to link to your site. This document attempts to give a brief run-down as to how to go about requesting that your employees link to you.

The main things to note here are that:

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How to Outsource to Trusted Link Builders Who Won’t Cost You a Dime

On June 1, 2009

Link building is often boring, time-consuming, and can be expensive.

Not only that, but your website is usually ripe with low-hanging link fruit that you should be picking before you run around contacting every blogger who makes the mistake of offering up a bit of contact information.

BUT that doesn’t mean you get out of it entirely.

Unfortunately, link building is one of these eat-your-veggies sort of search marketing activities: healthy but annoying.

Luckily, there are ways of outsourcing your link building that don’t cost a dime.

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How I Got Hundreds of Deep Links from a PR5 Website

On May 28, 2009

begging for deep links

It’s the Holy Grail of link building: deep links from authority websites. And link builders far and wide know that getting these links is difficult.

The belief espoused by most SEOs is that if you create remarkable content people will naturally link to it, which is both true and untrue. If you've got a blog and you're publishing topical, informational or solutions pages, then having great content is a natural link magnet.

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