The 8 Coolest Ad Targeting Features in Marketing in Right Now

On September 16, 2015

It’s hard to believe that just ten years ago, I was still placing magazine ads in print publications! Banner ads came along and mirrored the function of those print ads, but now we have these incredible new ad formats with way more data and ad targeting options so you can laser-target the exact people you want to hit.

awesome ad targeting features

Today we live in a brave new world of ad targeting, where consumers are practically throwing data at marketers, crying, “Target me! Personalize your offers for me! Give me only what I want and nothing else!”

Here are my 8 favorite ad targeting features right now – the coolest, most exciting options that are going to help you find your absolute best audience and focus your budget only on them.

5 Shocking Stats I Learned at INBOUND 2015

On September 15, 2015

My jaw dropped as “14,000 attendees” popped across the screen at INBOUND 15, HubSpot’s end-of-summer marketing conference. Last week, a sea of eager marketers packed into the stadium-sized room in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to hear an array of inspirational speakers. With keynotes ranging from the marketing maven and best-selling author Seth Godin, the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation (and daughter of Bill & Hill) Chelsea Clinton, and viral TED talker and storyteller Bren Brown.

Join PubCon Masters Group Intensive Training October 5 with Larry Kim

On September 11, 2015

Monday October 5th, PubCon’s insanely popular Masters Group intensive workshops and training takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This full-day deep dive into the most effective and timely instruction in SEO, paid search, social media marketing and social advertising sells out every single year, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence, you’ll want to act quickly!

Pubcon Masters Group 2015

WordStream #Humblebrags: How You’ve Helped WordStream Grow

On September 16, 2015

You know when actors and actresses go up on stage at the Oscars and the first thing they do is “thank the Academy”? Most people roll their eyes at this obvious pandering, but there’s a lot to be said for recognizing the help it takes to achieve greatness.

WordStream humblebrags

“Hey, you. Yes, you in the John Deere baseball cap. Shut up.”

The 7 Deadly Sins of PPC: Wrath #ppcsins

On September 15, 2015

I’ll never forget the time I drew the short straw when deciding room size in my first apartment. Out of the three rooms, two with sound-proof walls and walk-in closets, I ended up in the third makeshift bedroom (which was really a converted den with paper thin walls). As a light sleeper and non-functional human without eight hours of REM, I was filled with rage. 

We’ve all been in these scenarios. Wrath, our next deadly sin, is the feeling of uncontrollable rage. It's no joke, and I guarantee if you commit this PPC sin you’ll be suffering extensive consequences.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? A Definitive Guide

On September 14, 2015

A common question that arises when discussing Facebook advertising is “how much does it cost?” Well, if you only had $20 cash and went out to lunch, how much would it cost? Unless you plan on running out on a bill, it will never cost you more than you have to spend. How much food you’ll get is another story.

Facebook advertising costs

3 No-Brainer Ways to Optimize Your Keywords

On September 9, 2015

If you ever failed to water your plants, I’m assuming they eventually shriveled up and died. I’m sorry to bring back painful memories, but the same negligent behavior could result in the death of profitability within your PPC account. In order to see ROI, you need to feed your PPC account with optimization juice, which means you need to evaluate and tweak your keyword lists on a regular basis.