Why It’s So Easy to Fail on Mobile [Data]

On August 12, 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you already know that the mobile market is becoming increasingly important. The big guys know this too – last summer, Google pushed advertisers into mobile with the transition to Enhanced Campaigns, and Bing recently announced it would be following suit this September.

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Mark Irvine

27 Tips on How to Get More Email Signups

On August 5, 2014

Everyone knows the old saying – the more email subscribers you have, the better you feel, so get folks to signup, and give them a good deal! What, you’ve never heard that one before? Something about beans? Whatever, you’re crazy.

Email newsletter subscribers are valuable soft leads that, with the right amount of gentle cajoling, could end up one day as full-fledged customers or clients. That’s why today, we’re bringing you 27 genius (if I do say so myself) strategies to boost newsletter subscribers! Can you sense the impending full inbox? I sure can! Here we go.

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Megan Marrs

WordStream’s Best of the Month: July Edition

On August 1, 2014

Ah, July – a month of sunshine, fireworks, and of people gently nudging irregularly shaped meat patties on the grill while wearing novelty aprons. July was also a very interesting month in search marketing, with a lot of shake-ups on the SERP, starting with authorship photos.

Embarrassing yearbook picture

Oh dear.

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Dan Shewan

16 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

On August 7, 2014

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a marketer quite like being asked to write a blog post. Some marketers would rather wrestle with pivot tables (or grizzly bears) for days on end than write a blog post – but why?

Improve my writing skills bear attack

Writing doesn’t have to be this painful.

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Dan Shewan

ClickZ Live: Can’t-Miss Social & Networking Events at #CZLSF

On August 5, 2014

It’s almost here! Next week ClickZ Live, the conference formerly known as SES, will descend upon San Francisco for an intense four days of internet marketing training, inspiration and – the best part? – networking.

wordstream clickz live

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Larry Kim

Interview: Learn the Secrets of Online Community Management from Moz’s Erica McGillivray

On August 4, 2014

Erica McGillivrayToday I’m happy to share an interview I did over email with Erica McGillivray. Erica is a die-hard geek who spends a ridiculous amount of time being nerdy (her words, not mine!), both professionally and personally. At Moz, she's the senior community manager and helps wrangle a community of over 400,000 members, co-runs the annual MozCon conference, and works on whatever else is thrown her way.

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Elisa Gabbert

How to Develop Brand Voice Through Content Marketing

On July 31, 2014

Many companies approach brand voice as an afterthought. Although it’s important to ensure that you’re creating great content, publishing on a regular basis, and keeping an eye on your overall content strategy, without a cohesive and consistent brand voice, you could end up confusing your most loyal fans or deterring would-be customers.

Brand voice lone man in desert

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Dan Shewan