AdWords Geo Customizers Can Cut Your CPA in Half – Here's How

On October 5, 2015

Geo customizers are the latest AdWords feature to come out of beta. Ad Customizers are already one of the coolest ways to personalize your ad copy, and this new feature opens the door to more options, particularly for local advertisers. With geo ad customizers, advertisers who have inventory or special offers geographically dispersed can now dynamically update their ads to include geo-specific information tailored to a user’s physical location or location of interest. This is especially useful for searchers who may be further down the purchasing funnel looking for a great deal.

geo customizer ad

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The Rise of Ad Blockers: Should Advertisers Be Panicking?(!!)

On October 2, 2015

Ad blockers have been around for years, but online advertisers all over the world have been freaking out about these software programs lately. Some news websites have even gone as far to say that ad blockers will herald the end of the Internet as we know it.

What exactly is going on with ad blockers, and as an online advertiser, should you be worried?

ad blockers 

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WordStream’s Best of the Month: September

On October 1, 2015

September was a pretty big month, news-wise. Pope Francis made his first official visit to the United States. NASA found water on Mars, bringing us one step closer to discovering alien life on another world (albeit life without flying saucers or ray guns). Trevor Noah officially took over the reins of The Daily Show from beloved former host Jon Stewart. However, there was plenty going on in the world of PPC and digital marketing, too.

Water on Mars

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10 Remarketing Facts to Make You Rethink Your Entire PPC Strategy

On October 1, 2015

Hey you guys! All these articles about the dangers of creepy remarketing make me want to barf. I think advertisers who are scared of remarketing are either using remarketing all wrong, or have a poor understanding of the awesome power of remarketing.

remarketing saves the day

I’ve been using remarketing at WordStream since 2012 and last year, we spent over $500,000 on these ads alone. Why?

Because they’re freaking awesome.

If you’re sitting on the fence and unsure about giving it a try, I’m going to give you a swift kick in the right direction with these 10 remarketing facts that will make you rethink your entire PPC marketing strategy.

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3 Stupid-Easy Ways to Combat Ad Fatigue

On September 30, 2015

Whether we like it or not, we’ve all been fatigued by advertisements. Whether it’s the ugly billboard you see day after day on your commute to work or the pop-up to “take advantage of the CAR SALE before it’s TOO LATE!” that keeps appearing when you’re reading the news online. You don’t even have your license, but yet these people are still trying to force you to buy a crappy car. Ugh.

Ad fatigue 

What Is Ad Fatigue?

“Ad fatigue” happens when your audience becomes overly familiar with your ads, gets bored of them, and stops paying attention. Ad fatigue causes your ad campaigns to become less effective over time, hurting your ROI.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of PPC: Envy #ppcsins

On September 29, 2015

As we wrap up our series of PPC sins, we arrive at ENVY. Now don’t get me wrong – a little bit of envy can be good. You should always be pushing your account to get better and try to enjoy the same successes as others have using PPC.

PPC Sins Envy Emperor Palpatine meme

The problem is when your envy of others leads you to make bad decisions. Pushing your campaigns outside where your numbers make financial sense will completely defeat the purpose of your PPC account. In this case, envy is entering into competition with other companies unnecessarily.

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Google Announces AdWords Customer Match Targeting

On September 28, 2015

Google took Times Center Stage Monday afternoon to announce two new products: Universal App Campaigns and the long-rumored Customer Match targeting to kick off Advertising Week in New York City.

In the past, advertisers have had to rely on demographics & affinities provided by Google, or past online actions to target users in AdWords. Customer Match allows advertisers to now create and target a custom user audience simply by uploading a list of email addresses. This will allow advertisers to serve different ads or cater their bids for users at different stages of their purchase journey – whether they’re a hot new lead, an existing customer, or a frequent buyer. So long as you have their email address, Customer Match allows you to reach them on Search, Gmail, or YouTube.

Google Customer Match launched at NYC Advertising Week

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The 7 Deadly Sins of PPC: Pride #ppcsins

On September 25, 2015

On October 3rd, millennials around the world will celebrate the 11th annual National Mean Girls Day. Consider yourself warned—the interwebs are bound to be ridden with Plastics memes, your Facebook feed will be a never-ending stream of Regina George quotes, Buzzfeed will post a gazillion versions of “The Plastics and the Mathletes; Where Are They Now?” and every major TV channel will have back-to-back showings of the cult classic. If you’re not a Mean Girls fanatic yourself, you may be wondering, what’s all the hype about? 

mean girls day 

Easy—it’s universally relatable. No matter where you’re from or what type of school you attended, you probably encountered a clique of “mean girls” who dominated your high school social scene. Heck, maybe you were even one of them! If I had to use one word to describe this crew of girls, it would be vain: the mean girls are always excessively vain. They know they’re pretty, popular and wield great power over the rest of the school.

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3 Game-Changing Improvements to Facebook Ads

On September 24, 2015

Facebook is innovating faster than Trump is gaining traction in the polls. While Trump’s progress is slightly frightening, all these improvements to Facebook advertising are a great thing for marketers looking to expand their reach and interact with people in a more engaging manner.

Facebook ad improvements 

I recently read that as of January 2015, Facebook became larger than the largest country in the world (i.e. China)! With 1.49 billion monthly users, it’s critical to keep up to date with the most game-changing tweaks the platform is making. To keep you up to speed, I’ve laid out the three most thrilling improvements Facebook has made to their advertising platform in the last few weeks, starting with…

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5 Charts That Prove You Should Be Running Mobile PPC Ads

On September 24, 2015

Do you fall into the “anti-mobile PPC” camp? I’d be willing to bet that mobile advertising could be worthwhile for you and I have 5 data-backed charts to prove it. Dead set on using -100% mobile bid modifiers? You won’t feel that way soon! Game on.

#1 The Search Landscape Has Officially Changed

Oh, how times have changed.

mobile vs. pc local search volumes

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