4 Travel Marketing Trends You Need to Act On

On March 23, 2016

title travel marketing

I always assumed that running paid search for a business in the travel sector was a pretty glamourous job. I mean, you’re tasked with selling a product that’s already in pretty high demand. Seems like all you’d need to do is bid on a few keywords related to your business, create some enticing ads and watch the sales flood in…

Boy, was I off base. As it turns out, it is really freaking hard! Travel marketers are faced with a whole slew of challenges.

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Spring Cleaning! 4 PPC Account Audit Tips To Save You Money

On March 22, 2016

ppc account audit tips

It’s that time of year again. You’re pulling out your colorful shorts and lighter sweaters. You’re looking at your disaster of a pantry and asking yourself if you should impulsively buy that labeler.  Your junk drawer has hit the point where it’s starting to give you an eye twitch every time you open it. You can’t fight the organizational urges any longer – it’s time for spring cleaning!

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Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions?

On March 21, 2016

Let’s say you do a Google search, click on a paid ad, and navigate to a site to purchase bespoke pillowcases. In the lower right-hand corner of your browser you notice something lying in wait. After thirty seconds or so spent lost in the intricate stitching details, a live chat box manned by somebody, let’s call them Hodor and Hagrid, materializes. He or she offers assistance. You bite.

online chat support conversions

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How One Vitamin Company Got Its AdWords Account in Shape

On March 18, 2016

Today, health and wellness is about far more than just regular checkups at the doctor – it’s a lifestyle. As healthy living has become increasingly popular, many different kinds of businesses have emerged to cater to the demand for health products, including Optimum Health Vitamins.

WordStream Customer Spotlight Optimum Vitamins

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Optimum Health Vitamins is a small chain of health food stores specializing in natural health products, including vitamins and herbal supplements. As a growing retail operation, Optimum turned to AdWords to help grow its business and find new opportunities. However, as Graham Couling – Optimum’s Marketing Manager – soon discovered, expanding the company’s reach with AdWords would prove more difficult than he thought.

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13 Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

On March 17, 2016

Imagine if shopping in the real world were the same as shopping online. You walk into a supermarket or a department store, start filling up your shopping cart, only to be suddenly distracted by a kitten playing with a nerf gun in Aisle 3. You promptly forget about whatever it is you were thinking of buying, watch the kitten for a while, then walk out of the store.

Shopping cart abandonment

Admittedly, this scenario is… unlikely. However, this happens all the time in the world of ecommerce. Despite your best-laid plans, users visit your site, start shopping, then close the tab so they can watch the latest trailer for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, never to return.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to overcome. That said, it’s definitely not impossible to improve your ecommerce experience to reduce and combat shopping cart abandonment, and in today’s post, we’ll be looking at 13 ways to do just that.

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Google Adds NEW Interactive Ad Format Targeting Gamers

On March 16, 2016

As paid search advertisers, it’s our job to get the right information to the right people and the right time. We spend countless hours crafting super-specific keyword lists, setting negatives and writing clear ad copy to ensure we’re attracting a highly relevant, qualified audience. Yet, bad clicks still sneak their way through and can dramatically impact conversion rates.

When it comes to mobile devices, a few additional challenges come into play. Since there’s minimal ad real estate on the mobile SERP, advertisers have limited space to “explain themselves” to prospects. Google often serves fewer ad extensions alongside these ads and sometimes even ditches the second line of copy to make room for them.

ad with no second description line 

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RankBrain Judgment Day: 4 SEO Strategies You’ll Need to Survive

On March 16, 2016

The way 30 trillion web pages are ranked changed forever on October 26, 2015. That's when the world became aware of RankBrain, Google’s machine-learning artificial intelligence system.

Hacking Google RankBrain

Google's mission: To terminate any web pages from its results that don't provide the highest-quality content and to find the most relevant answers for users.

Now marketers who want to gain precious visibility on always-shrinking organic SERPs must prepare to fight a new war: The war against the machines.

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13 Actionable Tips For More Awesome Marketing Presentations

On March 15, 2016

title slide

Many moons ago, before I became a WordStreamer, I applied for an entry-level position at a company that required six (yes, SIX) rounds of interviews. I persevered through the process, miraculously nailing the final interview and was informed that the only thing standing between me and my dream job was a single PowerPoint presentation.

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Our 8 Best Ad Copywriting Tips EVER!

On March 14, 2016

Digital marketing and PPC move incredibly quickly. However, for all the technological innovations and new features we see on a regular basis, there’s one element that remains crucially important regardless of changes in the platforms, tools, and technology – writing ad copy.

Best PPC ad copywriting advice ever

It doesn’t matter how many of AdWords’ bells and whistles you’re currently using – if your ad copy sucks, you’re not going to see the return you hoped for. Fortunately, the PPC experts here at WordStream know a thing or two about how to write badass ad copy, and in today’s post, we’ll be sharing our best ad copywriting advice ever.

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