Social Media Images Guide: Optimizing Images For Facebook, Twitter, & More!

On July 9, 2014

Good visual content is a key component of online marketing. Posting pictures and illustrations on social media networks helps brands boost engagement and get noticed by fans.

social media image guide>

Our social media images guide seeks to provide you with everything you need to know about using images on social networks. We’ll be covering:

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Megan Marrs

3 Reasons to Ditch Your Messy AdWords Account and Start Over

On July 3, 2014

One of the biggest obstacles I face with clients is taking control of a messy and hard to manage account. Often times AdWords accounts change hands over time, have an “old school” strategy for setup, or just have too many cooks in the kitchen for a lack of better terminology. This often leads to an account with more campaigns, ad groups, and keywords than you know what to do with.

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Katie Lyons

Get Happy with WordStream’s Best of the Month

On July 1, 2014

A lot of our most popular posts in June had to do with changes in AdWords – new features, new policies, new dashboards, new data. As always, we did the hard work and analysis for you, so instead of trying to parse the AdWords-ese, get the key takeaways from us right here.

best of june

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Elisa Gabbert

Commercial Intent: How to Find Your Most Valuable Keywords

On June 30, 2014

High commercial intent keywords are like invitations from prospective customers. They beg you to tempt them with your wares. They tell you, loud and clear, that they have money in their hands (or burning holes in their pockets), and they want what you’re selling right now.

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Dan Shewan

What’s Ahead for WordStream – Funding, Growth, Innovation

On July 8, 2014

My last blog post was at the end of last summer, when we achieved a “Hat Trick” of key milestones. We had surpassed a thousand clients, made the Inc. 500 for the first time, and our AdWords Performance Grader passed $2.5 billion in unique spend analyzed. In the last few months, we’ve achieved a few more key milestones. Our team is now 100+ people strong, and we recently surpassed the $10 million in annual recurring revenue mark. 

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Ralph Folz

Native Advertising Examples: 5 of the Best (and Worst)

On July 7, 2014

The chances are pretty good that, even though you may not have realized it, you’ve seen several examples of native advertising. These days, native advertising is everywhere – and it’s getting harder and harder to spot.

Native advertising examples turtle disguised as a cheeseburger

There’s something not quite right about this cheeseburger…

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Dan Shewan

The Real Reason Google Plus Authorship Photos Are Gone

On July 2, 2014

Googler John Mueller shocked the SEO industry last week with his announcement that Google is removing authorship photos and circle counts from the SERPs.

The big question is: WHY? Why would Google kill a feature they had said would instill user trust in quality search results and help valuable content stand out?

Why did they want us all to implement it in the first place?

Was anything we were told about Google+ authorship markup and profile images in search true to begin with?

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Larry Kim

Call Tracking Metrics: The Top 5 Metrics for Inbound Calls

On July 1, 2014

You may have heard the big news that WordStream has added call tracking software to its arsenal of PPC tools. This means you can now track the campaigns, keywords, match types, ads, and landing pages that drive inbound calls to your business. Not only that, each call gets recorded, so you can refer back to it for marketing and training purposes.

It’s a pretty freaking sweet feature, and, if you use it, it may change your business.

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Brad McMillen