Learn How to Make Your Landing Pages 247% More Awesome

On April 21, 2016

Okay, so we may have taken a little creative license with the statistic in the headline, but proper landing page optimization can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Your landing pages serve a purpose. They introduce your audience to special content, events, and opportunities. A good landing page must prove to a consumer that the content behind it is valuable and worthy of their email address.

WordStream Wistia video landing page optimization Wistia landing page example

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Podcast: The Larry Kim Story!

On April 21, 2016

Just last week, our founder, Larry Kim, recorded a podcast with Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics. Now, I know Larry pretty darn well (we’ve worked together for five years!), but many of the stories that he shared on this podcast were new to me.

Most of us know Larry Kim as “Larry the Marketing Hack Artist.” In interviews, he typically reveals crazy tactics and divulges new theories he is investigating. However, this conversation was different. Rather than diving into the technical stuff, Jeff tapped into Larry’s entrepreneurial side. They chatted about everything from his career trajectory to the inception of WordStream and closed out with Larry’s recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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!Más PPC Por Favor! How to Break into Bilingual PPC

On April 20, 2016

As the resident International Customer Success rep here at WordStream, I have seen my share of multilingual campaigns. It’s a small world after all!

international ppc

But diving into international waters can be a great challenge, so here are some of my tips on how to identify if you are ready to expand and how to set up your first experimentation for success.

So...why go international?

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4 Customer Marketing Strategies that Help Keep Our Clients Happy

On April 19, 2016

A few years back, WordStream CEO Ralph Folz was having his quarterly review meeting with our VP of Customer Success, Kristen Yerardi. What started off as a normal check-in turned into a huge wake-up call.

“When we looked at the amount of money we spent nurturing prospects to become customers, we were embarrassed that we didn’t spend the same amount, or even remotely close to the same amount, for our current customers,” said Kristen.

There’s really no definitive answer, but sources say that the cost of acquiring a new customer is up to 30 times that of keeping an existing one. And the good old 80/20 rule tells us that 20% of your customers bring you 80% of your revenue.

customer marketing

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5 Awesome AdWords Scripts for Beginners

On April 18, 2016

Scripts are scary – well, at least they seem scary if you aren’t a programmer or don’t know how to write in Javacript. But don’t let them stop you dead in your tracks.

Even if you’re just beginning to dip your toes into the waters, there are some fantastic free AdWords scripts out there that any account manager can copy/paste, tweak slightly, and start using in their accounts right away, without any coding experience!

Setting Up an AdWords Script

First, how do you set up a script in your AdWords account?

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5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Client Is About to Jump Ship

On April 15, 2016

Getting broken up with sucks—especially when you’re completely blindsided by the news. Oftentimes, when you look back on the situation months later, you realize that there were actually plenty of warning signs that things were on the rocks. Maybe you ignored them, hoping things would get better with time. Maybe you even denied them, avoiding the subject altogether.

5 tell-tale signs that your client is about to jump ship

Either way, I bet we can agree that, had you identified and dealt with these issues head on, you may have been able to repair the relationship or at least end on better terms.

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7 Super-Creative, Crazy-Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas

On April 13, 2016

title image

There’s no doubt about it, remarketing is pretty darn impactful. It gives you the opportunity to show ads to a perfectly primed audience—people who have already visited your site—and nurture them into completing a conversion or coming back to make another purchase. On average, retargeting ads are 76% more likely to be clicked on than a regular old display ad.

That said, I’ve noticed that far too many advertisers are failing to make the most of this unique opportunity. Rather than simply reusing eye-catching image ads that you’ve designed for your standard display campaigns, you should go the extra mile to craft ads to connect specifically with your remarketing audience.

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5 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes Sabotaging Your Results

On April 12, 2016

Did you know that 44% of B2B clicks are directed to a home page, instead of a dedicated landing page?

That’s a big problem, because landing page relevance and performance is a key ingredient in your Quality Score (the single biggest factor in determining your results and costs).

Deadly landing page mistakes

Sending paid traffic to unoptimized landing pages is like scarfing down a Big Mac on your way to the gym. You’re undermining your own efforts, forcing yourself to work twice as hard (or spend twice as much) just to see a miniscule return.

But if you can fix these five common landing page mistakes, you can stop these problems dead in their tracks and start seeing the results you deserve.

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5 Keyword Search Tools All Online Advertisers Should Be Using

On April 11, 2016

keyword search tools

Earlier this year, I teamed up with one of our brilliant in-house PPCers, Nic D’Amato, to create a guide to help account managers dominate e-commerce keyword research. A few readers responded saying that they appreciated the tips, but needed broader tactics to apply to non-retail sites. Ask and ye shall receive! Here are five super-reliable keyword research tools and tactics that will help you get the job done for just about any vertical you’re working with.

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Google Changes Impact of Ad Formats in Ad Rank

On April 8, 2016

For the last decade, ad extensions have been served at Google’s mercy, using a secret, unpublished formula. If an ad had extensions enabled and ranked in one of the top three positions, it was eligible to be shown with a single extension, multiple extensions and sometimes even no extension.

old ad formats on serp 

Pretty dismal situation for Topshop.com, who nailed position 1.

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