Spoiler Alert: A Review of AdWords’ New Reports Tab

On May 26, 2015

 New AdWords reports tab

Since early last year Google has been slowly rolling out a new reporting tool to a select few accounts in preparation for its full scale release, and I just so happened to stumble on an account that has it. After playing around with it for the last few days, I have some thoughts I’m ready to let you in on.

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Travel is Trending: 5 Data-Driven Travel Marketing Tips

On May 26, 2015

Beach lounging in Hawaii? Hiking through the jungles of Belize? Or perhaps a wine-tasting tour in Tuscany? I’d be 150% down for any of these luxury excursions, wouldn’t you? Most level-headed human beings love to travel, which is why travel marketers have it good. They get to day-dream and promote luxury vacations full-time! Seriously!? As a SaaS marketer, I’m SO jealous (sorry WordStream).

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International PPC: 3 Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT to Go International

On May 22, 2015

We live in an increasingly shrinking world, and it’s become easier than ever to be an international vendor. Depending on what threshold value you use to calculate “ecommerce” there’s between 110,000 and 24 million ecommerce sites in the world, but only a fraction of them truly serve an international audience.

international ppc markets

What does it mean to serve, as opposed to take orders? It means:

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How Much Does Google AdWords Cost?

On May 21, 2015

“How much does Google AdWords cost?”

It’s a reasonable question, and one we hear all the time, especially from newcomers to paid search. After all, those new to PPC are probably most interested in how much they’ll be expected to shell out to advertise on Google, and whether they can even afford it!

Unfortunately, there’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. The most common (and infuriating) answer is, “It depends.”

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Links on Landing Pages: To Link or Not to Link? [DATA]

On May 20, 2015

For performance marketers, the purpose of using a landing page is to generate a lead, most often via form submission or phone call. While all marketers agree on the need to use landing pages, there is much debate about how to best design landing pages to maximize leads. More specifically, one of the common questions that comes up is how to incorporate links on a landing page, if you incorporate them at all.

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20+ of Our Best Vertical Marketing Guides Across 14 Industries

On May 19, 2015

How helpful are best practices? Well, I guess it depends on several factors as in – what they are? Who are they coming from? How relevant are they to your business?

But don’t you sort of despise that phrase? As marketers, we hear it on a day to day basis, we spend our mornings scrolling through article upon article studying the best practices for SEO, paid search, social media, and the list goes on.

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10 Marketing Graders to Make Your Site Better, Faster, Stronger

On May 18, 2015

Marketing graders are handy tools to have around, evaluating and grading your website to help you improve your marketing performance. Today we’re looking at 10 awesome marketing graders that will help you get a sense of how far you’ve come down the marketing road, and where you should focus your gaze next to improve your marketing campaigns across the board.

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