7 Best Practices for Perfect Landing Page Forms

On July 27, 2015

Landing page forms are one of the most important parts of a landing page, but so many advertisers get them wrong. Web forms on landing pages are often subject to “Goldilocks syndrome.” Too long, and you risk deterring prospective customers from converting. Too short, and you may not gather the information you need to qualify visitors as worthwhile leads.

Like Goldilocks and her pilfered porridge, they have to be just right.

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5 Inspiring Marketing Tips I Learned at #MozCon

On July 24, 2015

I’ve been on a conference craze the last few months, traveling to the west coast on three separate occasions (Portland once and Seattle twice), as well as attending two digital marketing conferences in my hometown, Boston. As much as I love Seattle’s mountain-lined backdrop, hipster style seafood, and decoratively brewed lattés, I’m ready to enjoy the rest of my New England summer on the east coast sans six-hour fights.

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3 Keys to Better Keyword Analysis

On July 23, 2015

Some paid search pundits have predicted the impending death of keywords in PPC, including our own Larry Kim – and the day may come when we don’t have to bid on specific keywords, but for now, keyword selection is still a huge part of a solid PPC marketing strategy. And that means you need to be familiar with keyword analysis – a method of breaking down keywords to determine if they’re right for your campaigns.

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Bing Native Ads Have Arrived! Advertisers Beware: You Might Lose Control

On July 22, 2015

Every time I stroll through the most populated streets of Boston there’s bound to be at least one sales rep shoving a flyer into my hand, which I will indeed throw away once the next trashcan appears in my vicinity. This form of literally in-your-face advertising is beyond obnoxious.

I’d bet that a lot of internet users feel the same hatred towards pop-up ads or banners that flash through and wrap around the pages of content they’re trying to read.

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