5 Quick & Actionable Tips for Better Content Marketing Images

On March 1, 2016

Hey guys, you know you should be using images in your content marketing, right? RIGHT?

Apparently, you don’t! I see blog posts every week that have exactly zero images. It shocks me that anyone would publish a blog post without a single image, but this tragedy happens every day. *sob*

content marketing image tips

If you’re not already using images in all your content, here’s why you need to...

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Google Cans Right-Side Ads & More Top Stories from February

On February 29, 2016

When Google quietly decided to kill off ads on the right-hand side of its results pages earlier this month, it signaled one of the biggest changes to the SERP since AdWords first launched 16 years ago. Marketers the world over couldn’t believe Google would make such a bold change to such a familiar part of the digital landscape – but it did, and things will never be the same again.

Best of the WordStream blog February 2016

Of course, there was much more going on in the world of search besides Google’s historic decision to can right-side ads from the SERP...

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Google AdWords Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [DATA]

On February 29, 2016

Whether you’re doing PPC for the first time or you’ve just signed a new client, it can be daunting to know whether or not you’re doing a good job. Sure, we all want to create unicorn ads that have highest CTRs and the best conversion rates, but what’s a good metric for one industry isn’t necessarily good for another. So what numbers should you be looking to beat in your industry?

We dug into our data to find out! Check out the Google AdWords industry benchmarks our clients are seeing...

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Google Kills Off Side Ads: What You Need to Know

On February 22, 2016

Text ads have appeared to the right of Google's search results since AdWords launched in 2000. No more. They're history. R.I.P.

Google has confirmed a huge change to the way AdWords ads are displayed for desktop search results, and it is now rolling out for all of its users globally. Google is killing off right-side text ads completely – although Product Listing Ads and ads in the Knowledge Panel will continue to be shown on the right – and adding a fourth ad for "highly commercial queries" above the organic search results.

no google adwords ads on right rail

As you can see this SERP has no side ads at all

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Every Dog Has Its Day: Koru K9 Dog Training’s AdWords Success Story

On February 19, 2016

Although the similarities may not be immediately obvious, there’s a great deal of overlap between running an AdWords account and training a stubborn or badly behaved dog. This was a lesson that Ray and Bridget Murphy, proprietors of Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation in San Francisco, California, discovered shortly after getting started with PPC to promote their business.

Customer Spotlight Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Bridget and Ray Murphy, of Koru K9 Dog Training & Rehabilitation of San Francisco, CA

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Do You Know Who Your Competitors Are? The 5 W's of PPC Competitor Analysis

On February 18, 2016

PPC Competitor Analysis Guide

Do you know who your PPC competitors are?

Did you hesitate when you read that question? How often are you monitoring and tracking competitor impacts on your paid search campaigns? Are competitors bidding on your branded keywords? What is your impression share on your top non-branded terms? Are any other advertisers using your trademark in their ads? If you feel uncertain about any of the above, never fear!

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