The New & Improved Way to Audit Your PPC

On August 10, 2015

Walking around our office, I often hear the words “AdWords is hard.” This is something that we in Product and Engineering really take to heart as we strive to simplify PPC marketing for our users.

As users, I imagine that you have similar feelings about the challenges of Google AdWords and often wonder if your hard work is paying off. Sometimes validating your efforts can be harder than you think, especially if you want to understand your performance not just in isolation but against other businesses like yours.

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Joe Kimball

Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Lead Gen: The Complete Guide

On August 5, 2015

If you’re like a vast number of marketers out there, you could be under the impression that advertising on Facebook (or any other type of social media) is limited to branding and customer engagement.

If you’re living in this matrix, it’s time for a wakeup call.

Facebook for lead gen Matrix red pill choice

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Brett McHale

288 Killer PPC Ad Templates with Crazy High CTRs

On July 31, 2015

I’m going to come right out and say it—writing PPC ads is a drag. It’s tough enough to dream up creative, attention-grabbing messages and doubly painful when you realize that your copy teeters over the allotted character limit.

In a recent bout of PPC ad copy induced frustration, I had a revelation—rather than reinventing the wheel, maybe it’d be more worthwhile to play copycat and riff off ads that we already know work. I chopped up these ad templates line by line and landed up with enough possible variations to create 288 different ads.

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Erin Sagin

How to Increase Conversion Rates Without Touching A Landing Page

On August 10, 2015

Are your landing page optimization efforts actually killing your conversion rates?

increasing conversion rates

If you’re stuck in low single digits and celebrating every .5% increase as a big win, I’m inclined to say yes. But what if I told you that you could increase your conversion rates … without doing landing page optimization?

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Larry Kim

1 in 5 Calls to Your Business Are Abandoned: Here’s How to Save Them

On August 6, 2015

Last week, Marchex released a comprehensive study analyzing mobile click-to-call performance. It married Marchex, Google and BIA/Kelsey data to assess the state of the mobile marketplace today and provide projections for the future. As I read it, one stat in particular stood out: A full 20% (on in five!!) of calls from mobile phones are abandoned.

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Erin Sagin

7 Super-Smart PPC Tips for Higher Education Marketing

On August 3, 2015

Can you recall the path you took when applying to college? You probably didn’t hop on Google, type “best colleges near me,” and hit “apply now.” Let’s be honest, the internet likely wasn’t even around when you applied for college!

Higher education marketing meme of an old nun  

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Margot da Cunha

WordStream’s Top 10 Blog Posts from July

On July 30, 2015

From the return of Sharknado to Donald Trump leading the Republican polls, this has been one scary month! It’s hard to imagine the guy with the fireball-colored comb-over, who’s famous for his slogan “You’re fired,” leading the free world. Where’s Ashton popping out of the woodworks with his camera? We’re being “punked” right? Not to mention The Bachelorette chose Shawn… Oh, you don’t care? Alright, let’s move on…


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Margot da Cunha