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PPC Worst Practices: 5 "Smart" Strategies That Are Actually Dumb

As digital marketers, we have the *pleasure* of being part of an ever-changing industry. Consider Google AdWords, which has changed drastically since its inception back in 2000. It started out as an internal service, eventually became a self-service portal and has evolved rapidly from there. As paid search platforms become more complex and sophisticated, it’s critical that account managers...
June 17, 2015

5 Tips for Running an A/B Test on a Budget

A/B tests are like eating your vegetables. You know they’re good for you, and they’re something you’re supposed to do, right? The trouble is that they can be intensely time- and money-consuming. You’re probably already envisioning a process filled with negotiations with graphic designers and engineers, time-consuming integrations, maybe even difficulty convincing your manager that this is the...
June 16, 2015

Landing Page Inspiration: 17 Examples to Spark Your Creativity

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” Although the precise origins of this controversial statement have been hotly disputed for years, it was the late Steve Jobs who famously attributed it to Pablo Picasso. Regardless of who actually said these words, they have given countless artists the “creative license” to be inspired by other artists and incorporate great ideas into their own work....
June 15, 2015

Bidding on Competitors' Brands: Pros, Cons & Common Mistakes

When done correctly, bidding on competitors’ brand terms can provide a nice boost to your online advertising performance. After all, if someone is looking for your direct competitor’s products or services, it stands to reason they might be interested in what you offer too. However, when done the wrong way, it can open up a can of worms that will leave you in a worse place than when you started...
June 12, 2015

7 Insightful Tips for Super-Effective Local PPC

Have you spent hours lamenting over your local ad campaigns? Have you struggled to understand why your local PPC efforts aren’t delivering the ROI you had hoped? Yeah. Me too. I’ve been there. My epiphany came when I stopped trying to be BIG. I was too proud to say that my local markets were the only thing that mattered. I wanted to be national. I mean, everyone needs PPC or SEO. Why not get the...
June 11, 2015

6 Mind-Blowing Digital Marketing Stats from Unbounce’s Conversion Road Trip

Over the last few months I’ve attended several digital marketing conferences covering a scope of material from advanced PPC strategies to email marketing and lead generation tactics, but the quality of speakers at Unbounce’s Conversion Road Trip really blew me away. I strolled in to the swanky Revere Hotel in Boston expecting to listen to some hits and misses. I brought my computer assuming that...
June 10, 2015

The 18+ Best Marketing Podcasts: Learn With the Pros

For the clever marketer looking to optimize time during the car ride commute or while waiting for the bus, podcasts offer a handy solution. Podcasts are great tools for learning and catching up on industry news. Lucky for us, there are some truly stellar digital marketing podcasts out there worth tuning in to. We’re delivering the top marketing podcasts worth filling your ear with. Here are my...
June 10, 2015

The Most (& Least) Expensive States for PPC - New Data

Whether you’re managing paid search for a local business or you’re the VP of Marketing for a national brand, you’ve certainly discovered that entering a new market can always be a daunting undertaking. Our country is a melting pot of different demographics, interests, and what we’re searching for differs in each state.   Well, this all plays into how smart advertisers structure their campaigns...
June 09, 2015

Ask the Experts: What's the Perfect Way to Structure an AdWords Account?

Transcript Hi everyone! Welcome to this episode of “Ask the Experts.” I’m really excited, this is my first episode. My name’s Margot. I am on the marketing team here at WordStream, and today I’m tackling a question that I’ve gotten plenty of times from customers here at WordStream, which is, “What is the perfect way to structure my AdWords account?” And, the answer is, there’s actually no...
June 08, 2015

5 Tactics to Become an Outstanding Public Speaker

This Spring, I gave my very first PPC presentation to a room full of industry experts, many of whom probably have kids my age, so to say the stakes were high is an understatement. As far as the content went I felt prepared. Nerves wise? Yah, not so prepared on that one. Is there even a way to prepare for tackling nerves?   There are definitely things you can do to feel more confident before...
June 05, 2015