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Google Testing New Keyword Planner Interface?

As a Customer Success Representative and Consultant at WordStream, you find yourself in AdWords a lot – which is why we are often among the first to notice more subtle changes in the platform. We’ve seen from experience that not every change that Google makes in its products is actively promoted or announced. This leads me to another small change to the Keyword Planner that you may not have...
May 13, 2015

AdWords Testing New Search Query Report Layout

The Search Query Report is one of the most valuable functions available in the AdWords interface. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest report to access, as Google decided to bury it under four contextual menus – but it looks like that has changed. It appears that Google is testing a new layout for the Search Query report, and it’s about time. The AdWords Search Query Report: Old vs. New To access...
May 12, 2015

Does Google AdWords Work?

Does Google AdWords Work? Absolutely! Of course you might think I’m a little biased since I’m writing for the WordStream blog. But I work here because of my deep-rooted love of PPC, and I truly believe AdWords can work for almost any business: small, medium, or large.   Throughout my time at WordSteam I’ve heard every excuse in the book as to why AdWords doesn’t work, including “My leads don’t...
May 12, 2015

The 7 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips from's #CRODay AMA

In this most recent in our series of expert tips from AMAs (AKA Ask Me Anything), we've culled the best conversion rate optimization advice from the recent #CRODay AMA. The team at Inbound assembled a massive panel of the brightest minds in CRO for their AMA on April 9, giving readers the chance to ask experts literally anything they wanted to know about conversion rate optimization...
May 11, 2015

4 Tips to Get Your Abs – I Mean Ads – Ready for Summer

Bathing suit season is right around the corner, and I know you all are prepping for it! But don’t forget to prep your PPC campaigns so that they are also in the best shape for summer! This is going to be vital for your summer traffic and sales. Here are a few tips to prepare your campaigns for the summer months. Summer PPC Tip #1: Refine Your Ads with Seasonal Offers The first tip I have for...
May 08, 2015

The Marketing Funnel Ice Cream Cone: Turning Leads into Customers

What is a Marketing Funnel? The marketing funnel is the path users take during their journey with you, from introduction to, ideally, conversion. You are trying to get users to a specific destination, and in order to get them there, you’ll need to leave signposts and rest houses along the way to keep them on track. Let’s face it, funnels can be awfully boring (unless we’re discussing the fried...
May 07, 2015

7 AdWords Shortcuts to Save You Time & Simplify Your Life

PPC is rife with potential timesucks. Ad text optimization, keyword research, bid management, reporting, landing page optimization and other PPC tasks are all important facets of your paid search management. Even so, they can suck the life out of you if you’re wasting time on the elements that just don’t matter. Larry Kim and I recently held a webinar on sevenAdWords shortcuts that can save you...
May 06, 2015

The 4 Big Takeaways from Today’s Google AdWords Livestream

Earlier today the mysteries of the big Google AdWords announcment we've been hearing about for weeks were finally revealed by Google’s Jerry Dischler, VP of AdWords Product Management, and I happened to have a front row seat!   The theme of the talk? Addressing “moments that matter” through better mobile experiences, more automation tools, and enhanced measurement features. It was all about...
May 05, 2015

A Guide to Customer Testimonials: Your Business’s (Not-So) Secret Weapon

When Billy Joel sang that, “It’s a matter of trust,” he wasn’t talking about marketing. Nevertheless, marketers can definitely learn a thing or two from The Piano Man, especially when it comes to the importance of building relationships with prospective customers. Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful trust signals you can use on your website and in your marketing campaigns,...
May 05, 2015

3 Mind-Blowing HeroConf Marketing Tips to Implement Right Now

Ah Portland, OR! Surprisingly, it's a location I never considered visiting until I read the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed and became a loyal admirer of her writing. When I discovered HeroConf was taking place in the hippie-living city I was pretty thrilled. Unfortunately, I spent about 95% of my time inside, but this was to be expected. I was just happy to get a taste of some local craft wine (we...
May 04, 2015