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WordStream Success Stories

Meet the WordStream Customer Success Team!

Wondering if WordStream could work for you? Then check out our library of client case studies, including rave reviews of the Wordstream Advisor platform as well as our service offerings. This is just a sampling of how our agency and advertiser customers use WordStream’s software and services to help grow their businesses with more effective PPC advertising and AdWords campaigns. Our clients love our software and we love them too!

How One Company Drastically Grew Conversions Using WordStream Advisor Social Ads 

With seasonal fluctuations across the U.S., online advertising is not easy for those in the gardening industry! When Digital Marketing Strategist Kathleen McCaffrey was tasked with running Easy to Grow Bulb’s Facebook ads she felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

“I found the Facebook interface to be complicated and unintuitive. Aside from boosting a post, I wasn’t sure how to navigate and run ads properly,” she said.

This all changed when Kathleen started working with WordStream Advisors Social Ads Platform.

“The entire process from creating ads, to finding the most relevant audience, to optimizing campaigns is so much cleaner and more straight-forward in WordStream than in Facebook,” says Kathleen.

Learn how WordStream Advisor Social Ads helped Easy to Grow Bulbs accomplish their biggest month in September sales yet!

Read more about Kathleen’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

Small Team, Big Results: How Lumia Succeeds with WordStream

Before signing on with WordStream, our agency customer Lumia was struggling to find time in the day to serve all their clients. “You can’t just do one thing and hope for results – you have to do everything,” said Amer Grozdanic of Lumia.

The biggest impact that WordStream made to Lumia was in streamlining the account management process. Since becoming a WordStream client, Amer has been able to spend less time actually diving into his clients’ accounts and more time identifying opportunities that translate into real results for his clients. He also says that the time that WordStream Advisor saves his team has made a tremendous impact in Lumia's growth.

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“Overall, looking at all of our clients, WordStream has really, really helped us become better at what we do.

Read more about Lumia’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

WordStream Managed Services Helps Bulk Candy Taste Sweet Success

Like many people who become WordStream customers, Ken Shenkman of Bulk Candy Store found that the complexities of managing a PPC campaign were interfering with running his business. Ken soon began to suspect that handling his paid search efforts himself could be doing more harm than good.

This is a problem frequently encountered by small-business owners – how to devote enough time to managing a PPC campaign while actually running his business and focusing on his customers. With only so many hours in the day, Ken knew something had to change. For these reasons, Ken decided to entrust Bulk Candy’s PPC efforts to the paid search experts of WordStream’s Managed Services team.

The results? Five times the conversions in just six weeks.

Read more about Bulk Candy’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

Online Education Company Learns the Power of Efficiency

Corexcel is a small company – just six full-time employees. The team has been leveraging Google AdWords to drive leads and sales through pay-per-click advertising for about seven years. They had tried other PPC software and services, but hadn’t found the right fit for their business yet. Before Corexcel found WordStream, the company’s AdWords account had been sitting idle for four or five months. They just didn’t have the time to sift through the overwhelming amount of data involved in AdWords.

Corexcel was looking for a tool that would save them time and help them decide what to do next – they didn’t want to spend hours sifting through AdWords data every week. Right away, WordStream Advisor met that expectation.

“The name of the software is fitting, because WordStream Advisor is like having an employee that mines the data for me,” said Don Bowlby, Vice President of Operations at Corexcel.

Read more about Corexcel’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

How One Agency Gets It All Done with WordStream

Karina Lonergan didn’t begin her career at New Zealand-based agency Digital Stream as a paid search manager. However, as is often the case in the fast-paced agency world, she soon found herself responsible for handling several client accounts after transitioning into a paid search position from her marketing role in mid-2012.

Unfortunately, she was quickly overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start when it came to managing her client accounts; she needed help, fast.

The solution? WordStream Advisor for Agencies. Karina had tried other PPC management software solutions, but found them lacking the features and functionality she needed to successfully manage and grow her clients’ accounts. However, WordStream’s 20-Minute Work Week gave her everything she needed to help her clients make informed decisions about their paid search campaigns. The ongoing support and expert advice offered by WordStream’s Premier Consulting services have helped Karina grow her clients’ accounts exponentially.

Read more about Digital Stream’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

NQ Mobile Drives Conversions at Low Costs with Help from WordStream Managed Services

Cheryl Cade, head of marketing at NQ Mobile, had never tried pay-per-click (PPC) marketing when a trusted friend recommended WordStream. Since Cade had no prior experience with PPC, she elected to work with WordStream’s Managed Services team to get her campaigns up and running.

Since NQ Mobile wanted to increase awareness and conversions for several mobile applications, WordStream’s strategy was to focus on mobile search users – a powerful opportunity, since mobile search traffic will soon overtake desktop search traffic, but mobile ad clicks are still less expensive than desktop clicks. That means now is the time to get ahead of the curve.

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The results: Conversions way up, costs down, and hours saved. Cade was immediately impressed with the service she received from her dedicated account rep. The WordStream team’s experience and expertise in Google AdWords meant that Cade could focus on her own job while WordStream handled the PPC.

Read more about NQ Mobile’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

Colombo Hurd Slashes CPA with Mobile Marketing

WordStream client Colombo Hurd upgraded its largest AdWords campaign to Enhanced Campaigns in April. Because mobile traffic has tended to be more valuable to the law firm, they decided to ramp up their local mobile marketing investment and increased mobile bids by +25%.

As of early May, Colombo Hurd had increased customer conversion rate on mobile ads by a factor of threeand reduced the cost of a new customer acquisition by 149% with the new mobile marketing campaign.

Read more about Colombo Hurd’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.