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How Does Google Decide Which Ad Extensions to Display?

Last week we concluded our blog series on AdWords Ad Extensions with a post on Google AdWords Call Extensions, and got an excellent question in the comments of that initial post:Thanks for the information!  I have always received conflicting information from the Google AdWords reps regarding running multiple ad extensions at a time.

  How does Google decide what to display if you have sitelink ads, product extensions, and call extensions all running on the same campaign?  It doesn't appear that more than one extension can be displayed at one time.  Is there a disadvantage to running multiple extensions in a single campaign?Thanks,AshleyThis is a great question and may explain why certain campaigns that have one ad extension set up wouldn’t see another that they’ve al... > Read more

October 11, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 1

Google AdWords Call Extensions: How & When to Use Call Extensions

This is the final post in our series on Google AdWords Ad Extensions. Previously we’ve covered:Google AdWords Location ExtensionsGoogle AdWords Product ExtensionsGoogle AdWords Sitelinks ExtensionsAnd today we’ll be rounding out the series by covering how to use Google AdWords call extensions.What Are Call Extensions & Why Are They Important?Google’s help section describes Call Extensions as follows:Call extensions make it easy for customers to call you directly from your ad and for you to better understand the value of your campaigns by measuring the phone calls that your ads generate.

Call extensions are a type of ad extension, an ad feature that allows advertisers to include additional information about their businesses and offering to their text ads. In the case of call extens... > Read more

October 06, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 2

Google AdWords Sitelinks: How to Use AdWords Ad Sitelinks Extensions

In the first two installments of our series on AdWords ad extensions we covered AdWords location extensions and Google’s product extensions. Today we’ll walk through AdWords sitelinks, namely:What are AdWords sitelinks and why are they important?How do I use AdWords ad sitelinks in my account?When should I use sitelinks in my AdWords account?We’ll also provide information on why sitelinks may not be showing in your account and how best to leverage sitelinks in your campaigns.

What Are AdWords Sitelinks and Why Are They Important?Ad sitelinks are a feature in AdWords that offers you additional links to pages beyond the destination landing page in your ad. In the above image, “Free Shipping,” “Free Personal Engraving,” “3G or Wi-Fi models,” and “10-hour battery” are all ... > Read more

September 26, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 10

Google AdWords Product Extensions Guide: A Product Extension Tutorial

This is the second installment in our multi-part series on Google AdWords Ad Extensions. Last time we covered Google AdWords location extensions, and today’s focus will be on product extensions.Product extensions is a feature that allows you to link your Google Merchant account with your AdWords account to have enhanced listings for your products shown in search results on Google properties:In this post we’ll walk through why product extensions are important, how you can use them in your account, and when to use the extensions as well as how best to apply them.

Why Are AdWords Product Extensions Important?Product extensions are important for much the same reason the other ad extensions are important: they offer increased visibility in search results. This means more clicks – in many v... > Read more

September 22, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 3

Ultimate Guide to PPC Metrics: 17 Experts on the Top 3 Must-Check PPC Metrics

Overwhelmed by all the PPC metrics available in your AdWords account? Information is good, but information overload is paralyzing, so it’s crucial to strip away the excess and overkill – and focus on the AdWords metrics that really provide valuable insight into your PPC performance. So what are they? Which PPC metrics work the hardest and speak the loudest?We asked seventeen paid search marketing experts two questions:#1: If you could only check three Pay Per Click metrics in your PPC account, which three PPC metrics would you choose? In other words, which three PPC metrics do you think provide the most complete picture of your performance?#2 (Bonus Question): What PPC metric do you think is bogus/overrated/a waste of time?Read on to find out what three PPC metrics these AdWords e... > Read more

September 20, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 18

Google AdWords Location Extensions Guide: Location Extension Targeting Best Practices

The first post in our series on Google AdWords Ad Extensions will focus on AdWords location extensions. Location extensions are a feature within Google AdWords that allows you to add location data about your business to your ad:In this post we’ll walk through why these extensions are important, how you can use them in your account, and when to use the extensions as well as how best to apply them.

Why Are Google AdWords Location Extensions Important?Location extensions allow you to get more real estate on the SERP and provide more information to local searchers, including a clickable phone number on mobile devices. Given that AdWords location targeting is probably more aggressive than you think, this is a pretty powerful option. Marissa Mayer noted recently that roughly 20 percent of the s... > Read more

September 19, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 2

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Ad Extensions

One of the most underutilized weapons in a number of AdWords accounts is ad extensions. Ad extensions allow you to take up more real estate on the SERP, providing additional links to your site, product images and other information that can draw people in and increase your click-through rates. In this guide, we’ll be walking through each of the AdWords ad extensions in detail, showing you how they work, when they work, and why you’d want to leverage them.

In this post I will provide a brief overview of each. Click the headings on each section for an in-depth look at each of the AdWords ad extensions. (You might want to go ahead and bookmark this guide now...)Google AdWords Location ExtensionsAdWords location extensions show in response to certain local queries, and the data shown to sear... > Read more

September 15, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 2

AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 3

This is the third in a series of interviews we're conducting with AdWords advertisers who got unusually high scores using our AdWords Performance Grader. We're reaching out to high scorers to find out what strategies contribute to their strong AdWords performance. For more in this series, see:AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 1AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success, Part 2Today’s interview is with Rick Archer.

Rick is the founder of Search Summit, an independent search consultancy based in Iowa. You can reach Rich at us a bit about yourself. How long have you been using AdWords? Are you an Agency or an Advertiser?I’ve been using AdWords for about 10 years. I also work with adCenter, and I used to play with smaller ne... > Read more

September 13, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 3

Google AdWords Location Targeting: How Does AdWords Geographical Targeting Really Work?

On the surface, Google AdWords location targeting seems pretty straightforward: I tell Google where I want my ads to show and they show them only in that location. From Google’s own documentation (the number one result for “adwords location targeting” for me in Google, so it must be right, right?!):For each AdWords campaign, you can select the countries or regions and the languages for your ad.

That campaign's ads will appear only to users located in those areas and who have selected one of those languages as their preference.Emphasis is mine, but it seems to confirm what one would initially, intuitively assume. If that were all that were going on though, this would be the second nice thing I wrote about Google in the last 30 days (and that after I didn’t even totally pan AdWords E... > Read more

September 12, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 3

Why Is My Content Network Cost Per Click So High? 3 Mistakes New Advertisers Make

Sometimes the controls inside of an AdWords account can be pretty overwhelming and confusing. AdWords is constantly adding new features, and it sometimes becomes difficult – particularly for new to intermediate-level advertisers – to quickly diagnose certain specific issues in their account. I think this is particularly the case on the content network, as many advertisers with a limited knowledge of AdWords will have had most of their experience working with search campaigns.

One seemingly simple issue that often frustrates unfamiliar advertisers is how to control cost per click (CPC) on the content network. Today we’ll talk about why your content network CPCs might be higher than they need to be, and how you can correct the issue.Mistake #1: Failure to Split Out Content and SearchThi... > Read more

September 08, 2011     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: AdWords Tips   |   Comments: 5
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