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5 Ways to Maximize Your Amazon Associates Revenue

While there are a variety of ways that webmasters and bloggers can go about marketing their services and promoting their content to earn revenue, one option that typically gets overlooked is the Amazon Associates program. In short, the Amazon Associates program an affiliate marketing program that gives site owners commission for customers they link into Amazon.

One nice feature of the program is that a reader/customer doesn't necessarily have to buy the specific product you link to; they can purchase anything on Amazon and you'll earn up to 15% in referrals. Truthfully speaking, not all blogs or websites will be able to make a large sum of cash from this program, but the Amazon Associates program is in fact completely free to join and is most definitely worth giving a tr... > Read more

June 20, 2011     |   Posted In: Affiliate Marketing   |   Comments: 9

Mobile Marketing Basics for Affiliates: 4 Methods of Mobile Affiliate Marketing

It used to be that everything was done on the computer, but now, with the introduction of mobile technology such as PDA's and smartphones, the internet has shifted from your desk to the palm of your hand. With this shift come new strategies for online marketers, especially affiliates. This opens up a brand new set of mobile marketing strategies that havn't been around for long and don't have set rules.

Currently there are four main uses of mobile affiliate marketing: click-to-call, smartphone applications, mobile landing pages, and SMS campaigning. Click-to-call is one type of mobile marketing campaign chosen by affiliates. Also called pay-per-call, it allows the affiliate to focus on a set of phone numbers and send them their ads. It is very easy for the recipient to interact with this fo... > Read more

September 02, 2010     |   Posted In: Affiliate Marketing   |   Comments: 3

Keeping Your Affiliate Marketing Strategies in Shape

There are a lot of challenges to face in affiliate marketing, just like with any other business. There are pitfalls you need to avoid and certain things you need to do to keep your affiliate marketing strategies working and bringing in consistent ROI. So what’s the best way to do it and how do you stay on the right path to maintaining and growing your business? Here are 10 key tips you should know and remember for making your affiliate marketing business a successful one.

Tip #1. Don’t skimp on SEO. Just because you’re ranking well and bringing in traffic from other sources doesn’t mean you should disregard SEO. Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that will bring you residual traffic for years to come. Investing weekly or monthly in backlinking or press releases is a... > Read more

July 14, 2010     |   Posted In: Affiliate Marketing   |   Comments: 2

How to Discover Profitable Affiliate Niches

The following post is from a recent email discussion thread I was having with one of our guest bloggers Richard Kraneis. The topic we were discussing was affiliate marketing, in particular, how to find profitable affiliate niches to target. This is a question many ask when starting out in affiliate marketing.

It was a question I had too when I was learning about affiliate marketing. So I thought it would be valuable to share the conversation we had about getting started in affiliate marketing and which niches to target using SEO. I’ve pulled out specific references to my affiliate sites to protect my competitive edge ;). Now, by no means do I consider myself to be an expert on affiliate marketing and these are not hard and fast rules. These are just my opinions and my advice to Richa... > Read more

March 18, 2010     |   Written by: Ken Lyons   |   Posted In: Affiliate Marketing   |   Comments: 4

Announcing WordStream's Affiliate Program: PPC and SEO Affiliate Program Launches

Today we're announcing that we're launching a brand new affiliate program that will allow other Web publishers to promote our products - and get paid for it! This is a first-run, "beta" version of our affiliate program so we're welcoming feedback. In attempting to make the program a success for affiliates, their audiences, and of course for WordStream, we've created two types of pay outs for affiliates: Pay-Per Lead for PPC - We have a keyword management solution for pay-per click advertising on search engine platforms such as Google AdWords.

This product has it's own pricing and we offer a free trial and frequently have potential customers request a live demonstration of the product. As such, we've decided to pay for leads people drive to this product. Pay-Per Sale for SEO - W... > Read more

February 16, 2010     |   Written by: Tom Demers   |   Posted In: Affiliate Marketing   |   Comments: 7
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