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Local Paid Inclusion and the Self-Policing SEO Industry

On Tuesday, Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch published a story called “Google, Bing & Yahoo in Partnership to Sell Top Organic Local Listings?” The article outlined a new service offered through Bruce Clay Inc.  – a venerable search agency – in partnership with Universal Business Listings (UBL) called Local Paid Inclusion.

Local Paid Inclusion, according to its own website (which has since been taken down, but can still be viewed in archive form; you can also view screenshots at Search News Central), was billed as a way to get your website to the top of the local listings – for a fee (emphases mine):In January of 2012 we were approached to participate in a new and exciting program: Local Paid Inclusion (LPI). We’re offering it directly to local businesses, to chai... > Read more

February 03, 2012     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 3

Google Goes Evil … Again: The New Google Privacy Policy, Now Less Private

The official Google blog this week made an announcement that has many in the tech industry fuming (Google users, specifically, and aren't we all?). Effective March 1, Google will consolidate privacy policies across its various products into a single, unified privacy policy. In theory, this simplification sounds positive.

The downside is, anyone with a Google account will be treated as “a single user across all our products” – that means you won’t be able to have a Gmail account and leave it at that. As long as you are logged in, Google will attempt to integrate your experience across its products – for example, pulling content from your Google Docs or Picasa albums into your search results:Our recently launched personal search feature is a good example of the cool things Google c... > Read more

January 27, 2012     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 7

SOPA Round-Up: The Aftermath of the SOPA and PIPA Blackouts

In light of Wednesday's tremendously successful SOPA blackout, I thought we'd take some time to recap and document the day the web went dark. The stop SOPA and stop PITA blackouts were really powerful because with online champions like Google, Wikipedia, and Reddit teaming up, the blackouts most certainly raised awareness and affected people who had no clue about these ridiculous bills until yesterday.

Petitions were signed, calls were made to state representatives, and the word got out.If you're looking to understand why SOPA and PIPA are bad bills and how they will hurt your business, check out our previous blog post explaining them and their disastrous affects.So what did the SOPA and PIPA blackout protests achieve?18 Senators changed their position on PIPA after witnessing the massive ... > Read more

January 20, 2012     |   Written by: Megan Marrs   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 0

Google Search Plus Your World: 'Beautiful Journey' or Trainwreck in the Making?

At first, I thought it was just a hokey blog post title. But it appears that Google has actually launched a feature called “Search plus Your World” – and with this feature, they claim, “a beautiful journey begins.” (Gag me, right?)And what is this feature, you ask? Oh, you hadn’t heard? Perhaps “feature” downplays the import.

It’s really the next iteration of search – another step towards integrating social data into the results. According to Google, the changes encompass:Personal Results, which enable you to find information just for you, such as Google+ photos and posts—both your own and those shared specifically with you, that only you will be able to see on your results page; Profiles in Search, both in autocomplete and results, which enable you to immediatel... > Read more

January 13, 2012     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 8

'This Post Is Sponsored by Google': Google Caught (Gasp) Buying Links?

Ever the hypocrisy cop, Aaron Wall earlier this week exposed some seemingly devious behavior on Google’s part – namely, a series of sponsored blog posts promoting the Google Chrome browser along with a product video.Wall writes:When K-Mart paid some small business bloggers to do sponsored posts Matt Cutts wrote a post about how he torched those small bloggers (while doing nothing to K-Mart) & equated that exercise to selling links that promote bogus brain cancer solutions.

The posts were about how great Chrome is and its many benefits for small businesses. Wall compares the practice to “BP buying ads about doing tourism in the gulf.”Danny Sullivan quickly picked up the story and expanded on it at Search Engine Land, calling the campaign “jaw-dropping.” He points out that thi... > Read more

January 06, 2012     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 2

Year in Review: A Look at What Happened in Search in 2011

Last year I realized that my weekly Friday round-ups, taken as a whole, constitute a yearly round-up. So last December I reviewed some of the search marketing highlights from 2010, and I’ve decided to make it an annual tradition, right up there with watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol on 12/24.Here’s some of the wild, wonderful and wiggity-wack stuff that went down this year in the world of Internet marketing, in chronological order.

(Notice how many of these headings begin with “Google” – like it or not, the Mountain View giant is still ruling the roost in search.)Debate Rages (Sort of) Over Search NeutralitySome people think search engines, like ISPs, should be “neutral” – but how exactly would that work? Since search engines by definition rank some results over others, t... > Read more

December 29, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 0

Women in Startups: Is There Room for Us & Our Mad Baby Fever?

Penelope Trunk, true to her “Brazen Careerist” brand, wrote an assertive – and annoying – guest post this week on TechCrunch called “Stop Telling Women to Do Startups.” It starts with a sentence that isn’t even grammatically correct:We need to get more guys who are running tech startups instead decide to be stay-at-home dads.

She goes on to say that of course this statement sounds “stupid” – just as stupid as the reverse, or saying that more women should do startups instead of being stay-at-home moms. There are plenty of opportunities for women in startups, she claims – but women don’t want them, because women want babies.As far as I can tell, her only evidence for the claim that women don’t want to do startups is that not many women do startups. Trunk is assuming ... > Read more

December 16, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 2

Web Marketing Roundup: 4 Things I Learned This Week

 1. People Like Being LabeledOr, to be more specific, people like being included in a group, and you can use that psychology to persuade them toward action. In a great article on KISSmetrics, Gregory Ciotti applies the results of five consumer psychology studies to the science of conversion optimization.

Gregory recounts one of these studies like so:After being interviewed in regards to their voting patterns, half of the volunteers were told that they were likely to vote since they had been deemed more politically active, and the other half was not.The results?On election day, the group that was told they were more likely to vote had a 15% higher turnout than the control group (despite the fact that people were randomly told they were more likely to vote, and not told based on th... > Read more

December 09, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 2

Is Nothing Sacred? Now Even Ads Are Social

SEOmoz this week reported on a new AdWords extension – and surprise, surprise! It’s a social extension!Seems like almost everything Google does these days is a subtle or not-so-subtle push for Google+, and this update is no exception.As you’d know if you read our Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Ad Extensions, extensions are ways to make your ads bigger and give searchers more opportunities and incentives to click or reach you by including extra site links, product images, phone numbers and more.

When enabled, the new social extension shows searchers “how many people across the web have +1'd the landing page or the Google+ Business Page.” As Mozzer JustinV explains, there are two flavors of social extension, personal and basic:The personal extension shows how many people in the s... > Read more

December 02, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 1

What Do Adult Sexual Services Have to Do with AdWords?

A couple of days ago our fearless head of marketing, Laura, noticed an odd result in the Google SERPs – the sponsored results for the query “adwords services” were pretty run of the mill, but the first organic result was a bit shocking:I tried the same search on my own machine and got the same result.

What the hell?At first when you see “Adult sexual services” you think someone has successfully spammed the results with white text on a white background or some such old-school black-hattery. But this result is from the official AdWords domain! The page is from the Legal section of the AdWords Policy Center (“Requirements for advertising with Google AdWords”). “Adult sexual services” is from a list of “Restricted Products and Services” that also includes abortion, endang... > Read more

November 18, 2011     |   Written by: Elisa Gabbert   |   Posted In: Online Marketing Blog Roundup   |   Comments: 0
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