Export In Microsoft adCenter Format - Exporting Keywords, Ad Text, & Campaigns with WordStream

Exporting your WordStream campaigns in Microsoft adCenter formatting is a simple process.

WordStream allows you to export the work that you have done in creating highly effective pay-per click campaigns in the adCenter import format.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove your keywords, Ad Campaigns, and Ad Groups from the WordStream system so that you can quickly push your changes to your adCenter account.

NOTE: The adCenter campaign export function is not available for trial users. If you are a trial user and would like to export your keywords from the WordStream system, please contact us for more information. Additionally, if you are looking for more information on:

You can browse either of those tutorials to learn more about pushing your WordStream account changes to your YSM and adCenter accounts. This tutorial will show you how to make your campaigns ready for adCenter import.

Step One: Exporting PPC Campaigns From WordStream

Assuming you've gone through the process of importing your keywords, grouping keywords, and turning keyword groups into ad groups, you might be ready to export your keywords.

If so, it's a very simple process. First, you simply toggle to the PPC Campaigns tab and click export account:

Export keywords and whole AdWords accounts with the click of a button.

Next, you'll choose your export format:

The AdWords export format allows you to export campaigns for import into Google AdWords.

Following that, you'll want to choose what, exactly, you want to export. You can choose to export:

  • Whole accounts.
  • Individual or multiple campaigns.
  • Individual or multiple Ad Groups.

Simply click the check box next to the item(s) you'd like exported. Note that checking an account will export all campaigns and Ad Groups contained within (the same is true of campaigns and Ad Groups):

Export AdCenter campaigns with the click of a button.

After selecting your campaigns for export, you'll be prompted to download exported Microsoft adCenter account changes. Simply click the download exported data button:

Download exported AdWords data to manipulate the data and/or import it into AdWords Editor.

This will allow you to save the data, much as you would any other file you were downloading:

adCenter campaign export allows you to determine where you save your data.

Finally, you'll be left with an Excel friendly .CSV file that you can upload via the adCenter interface:

adCenter export allows you to bulk import files to Microsoft adCenter.

From here, you can manipulate these files in Excel, and/or import them into your Microsoft adCenter account!

The Next Step in Microsoft adCenter Campaign Export

Once you've gotten the data out of WordStream, the next step is getting it all in to AdWords. Find out how this works in the importing Microsoft adCenter campaigns tutorial, or check out one of our other WordStream tutorials: