Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Save time by browsing various lists of the most frequently asked questions about WordStream products

Top 10 Questions

The top 10 most-asked WordStream questions ever.

WordStream Product FAQ

What is WordStream, and why should I care?

Technical Support FAQ

A compilation of our most frequently asked technical support questions.

Free Keyword Tool FAQ

Where does the Free Keyword Tool get its data from? How is it so accurate? Find out here

Keyword Niche Finder FAQ

What are keyword niches and how do they impact PPC and SEO?

Negative Keyword Tool FAQ

What is a negative keyword, and why should I use Negative Keywords?

Keyword Grouper FAQ

What are keyword groupings? Why do I need a Keyword Grouper tool?

WordStream SEO for Firefox FAQ

What is WordStream SEO for Firefox? How do I download and install the browser plug-in?