Winner of Tablet #1: Social Media
Walks of Italy logo
Alex Talbott, Walks of Italy
Alex manages PPC for Walks of Italy, a travel and tourism company. Entering the contest revealed a need to add more negative keywords in their AdWords account to help combat wasted spend. Thanks for entering and sharing, Alex. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #2: Highest Account
Activity Score
Walks of Italy logo
Ignacio Segovia, Social Interaction
Ignacio works for Social Interaction, an online development and social media company in Canada. By entering the contest, he uncovered a need to reduce his cost-per click, and plans to add negative keywords and do more Display Network campaigns in the future. Thanks for entering, Ignacio. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #3: Highest Quality
Knee Walker Central logo
Chris Miller, Knee Walker Central
Chris works for Knee Walker Central, a health and mobility supply company. Entering the contest revealed a significant increase in his click-through rate, which he plans to keep as a focus moving forward. Thanks for entering, Chris. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #4: Lowest Wasted
Midnite Sun & Cruise logo
Rebeka Bolema, Midnite Sun & Cruise
Rebeka works for Midnite Sun & Cruise, a network of tanning salons. Entering the contest uncovered an overall need to improve her PPC account, which she plans to address by adding more negative keywords and testing more ads. Thanks for entering, Rebeka. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #5: Highest Text Ad
Optimization Score
Vantage Internet Group logo
Jon Tavarez, Vantage Internet Group
Jon works for Vantage Internet Group, a web solutions company in Florida. Entering the contest exposed a wealth of negative keyword opportunities, which he plans to take advantage of in future. Thanks for entering, Jon. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #6: Highest Click-Through Rate Tech Dump logo
Carl Johnson, Tech Dump
Carl works for Tech Dump, an electronics recycling company. Entering the contest highlighted an opportunity to improve his overall account performance and keep CTR high by improving ad copy. Thanks for entering, Carl. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #7: Social Media Engagement Tech Dump logo
Courtney Herda, Smarter Searches
Courtney works for Smarter Searches, a boutique internet marketing agency. She plans to make her PPC a success in 2014 by thinking carefully about her match type selection and adding extensions to every campaign. Thanks for entering, Courtney. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!
Winner of Tablet #8: Social Media Engagement Tech Dump logo
Corielle Heath, Genexus USA
Corielle works for Genexus USA, a web and mobile development company. Moving into 2014, Corielle plans to improve her PPC by creating landing pages with narrowly-tailored content and messaging. Thanks for entering, Corielle. Enjoy the Nexus Tablet!

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