Keyword Analysis Tool: Don't Just Analyze Keywords, Act on Them

The right keyword analysis tool does more than improve your productivity as a search marketer—it improves your search marketing strategy as well.

Keywords are the cornerstone of both pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. Successful PPC and SEO strategies require careful, consistent attention to keywords, and your decisions should be based on reliable, accurate keyword data. You need a keyword analysis tool that is:

  • Comprehensive and accurate, with traffic and conversion data for individual keywords and keyword groups.
  • Powerful and dynamic, offering the ability to set and track user-defined goals.
  • Collaborative and scalable, allowing multiple members of a growing team to analyze keywords and coordinate workflow.

WordStream's keyword analysis solution lets you manage and analyze millions of keywords, while making it easy to cut through the fog and focus on the keywords that are most important for your optimization efforts. Read on to learn more about the tool's features.

Getting Started with the WordStream Keyword Analysis Tool

The first step in using WordStream is to build a database of keywords. You have several options for uploading keywords; we recommend importing keywords from your log files first, then establishing a continuous stream of keywords based on the actual search queries that bring new visitors to your site on a daily basis. This will give you a large body of keyword data that is highly accurate and relevant to your website (compared to general public data from a free keyword tool).

You can achieve more effective keyword analysis if you also practice keyword grouping, allowing you to analyze your keywords at multiple levels and make decisions about multiple related keywords at once. You can read more about WordStream's keyword segmentation functionality in our keyword grouping guide.

With WordStream you can visualize your keywords in an organized taxonomy, or hierarchy, as well as a chart that represents your long tail of search. Hover over a keyword with your mouse to see its frequency in your database.

WordStream is a visual tool for keyword analysis

You can drill down to a single keyword for more detailed information on how many visits and conversions it has driven to your site. 

Analyze keyword data including visits and goal conversions

In addition, you can query for keywords that include or don't include a certain word or words, and along parameters including number of terms per keyword phrase and minimum number of visits.

WordStream's keyword analysis search tool

What Makes WordStream Different from Other Keyword Analysis Tools? 

Most keyword analysis software is full of features, grafts and charts, offering a wealth of information about your website's performance, but falls short in one notable area—it's not actionable. Analyzing your keywords will get you nowhere if you don't take the further step of acting on that data to enact real improvement in your SEO and PPC campaigns.

WordStream is different because it's both an analytic dashboard and a search marketing workbench. In other words, you can use the same robust platform for keyword analysis and keyword action.

For example, you can instantly convert keyword groups that are driving traffic and conversions into PPC ad groups. Just click the PPC Campaigns tab in the WordStream interface to create campaigns, ad groups, and text ads for Google AdWords—without having to switch back and forth between multiple applications.

Do keyword analysis and create PPC campaigns in one platform

You can also quickly subdivide large keyword groups into smaller, more closely related subgroups with the click of a button. Small, tightly knit keyword groups make it easier to write specific, relevant ads and landing pages, which increases your Quality Score and lowers your ad spend.

In addition to keyword grouping and PPC campaign management tools, WordStream features a negative keyword tool so you can eliminate poorly performing, irrelevant keywords from your database, reducing worthless PPC impressions and increasing your click-through rates.

These features empower you to go beyond academic keyword analysis and actually take the steps that can make a difference, bringing you more web traffic, more leads, and more conversions, so your search marketing budget goes farther.

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