Keyword Bid Tools

Keyword bid tools ensure a PPC campaign is performing at its best, lowering costs and increasing conversions. The position of your ad depends on a combination of bid amount and Quality Score, so it's important to pay attention to both.

If you're managing bids from outside Google AdWords, it's easy to lose track of edits when you have to log in to your AdWords account to apply them. In addition to segmenting keywords, writing adtext copy and more, you can easily view and manage SEM bids from within WordStream.

is it possible to manage my bids with wordstream?

Absolutely; the best way to mange bids with WordStream is on the keyword group level. Open the PPC Campaigns tab and click "Ad Groups." Keyword groups that you have recently edited with WordStream will display in bold. Select the appropriate keyword group on the left side of your screen and details will show on the right. Any changes to your bid amount or status will be made at the bottom of the screen.

Manage keyword bids inside WordStream's Google AdWords tab

At the bottom, you can edit your Max CPC bid, Max CPC Content bid, Max CPM bid and AdGroup status.  When you are happy with your changes, click "Apply." Be sure to "Post Account Changes" so that your alterations will be reflected in your Google AdWords account.

Manage bids from within your WordStream account.  Post Account Changes and changes will flow through to your AdWords account.                   When you're done with bid management, be sure to Post Account Changes so the most recent bids flow into your Google AdWords account

You also have more options with "Advanced Bid Changes." Click here to set bid limits and increase or decrease bids by percentage or currency (monetary amount). To change bids of multiple ad groups at one time, select the groups you'd like to change (WordStream works similarly to Excel--click on each while holding "ctl" or click on the first one, hold "shift", and click on the last one to select those in between) and use Advanced Bid Changes to apply bid changes to all.

Edit bids by percentage of assign limits in the Advanced AdGroup Bid Changes section.

WordStream saves your changes once you click "Apply," and you can post your changes to Google AdWords at any time.

what if i use a bid management tool?

If you're happy with a third-party bid management vendor, we won't take it personally! We know that some of our customers use WordStream mainly for our keyword grouping tools and PPC workflow suggestions instead of for an AdWords bid tool, and that's fine with us.

Regardless, our SEM Best Practice section on bid manipulation is helpful if you would like more information about bid management.

Can i manage keyword bids individually?

Though it's not a best practice, it is possible. To do so, click on "keywords" in the PPC Campaigns tab. Highlighting an AdGroup on the left will display specific keywords on the right. Highlight the specific keyword you'd like to alter, edit the Max CPC on the bottom of your screen, and click "Apply."

Manage bids individually in your Google AdWords tab.

Changes made here will feed into your Google AdWords account once you hit "Post Account Changes."

what's the best way to manage bids?

As mentioned above, the best way to manage bids is on the keyword group level. Together with Quality Score, bid amount has a direct result on ad rank and campaign performance. Improve Quality Score by properly segmenting keyword groups, then assigning appropriate bids per group from within WordStream. Register for our webinar to learn more about bid management and proper SEM technique, and how WordStream can help.