Keyword Research: How to Find Profit-Driving New Keywords Every Day

Keyword research is a fundamental part of achieving pay-per-click and search engine optimization success.

There's little debate among search marketing experts that identifying and optimizing for the specific words that people are typing into search engines is a crucial element of a successful search marketing campaign.

But keyword research is a difficult process. Understanding how to do keyword research and recognize what keywords are worth your focus is essential.

Broaden keyword selection with the AdWords Grader

How to Find New Keywords Through Keyword Research

In order to successfully market through search you need learn how to research keywords and:

  • Continuously discover quality, targeted new keyword opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Effectively and continuously turn your keyword research into action.
  • Make keyword research a supporting piece of your overall search marketing efforts so that your researched keywords actually lead to profits for your business.

So the question becomes: How do you, the search advertiser, go beyond a static list of keywords to create a continuous stream of keyword phrases that improve your bottom line? How do you discover and research keywords that will drive relevant traffic to your business?

The Answer? Use WordStream.

Free Keyword Research Tools

WordStream's Google keyword research tool makes researching profit-driving keywords easy. With WordStream's Keyword Research Suite, you can find new keywords for your business, organize long lists of keywords into workable groups, and even evaluate the performance of your existing keywords with the AdWords keyword research tool.

Keyword research tool, Keyword Research Suite

WordStream's Keyword Research Suite provides customers with three core benefits not offered by traditional search-based keyword products:

  • Exclusive Keyword Research - The Keyword Research Suite gives you deep access to WordStream's industry-leading, trillion-keyword database. This gives you the competitive edge of knowing your keywords are more extensive and accurate.
  • Keyword Data You Can Act On - Instead of just a list of keywords, our tools give your structured, actionable data, ready to use in search marketing campaigns. You'll be able to organize and put into action insights surrounding your keywords and search queries.
  • Keywords When You Need Them - Don't be held back by the limits of web-based keyword research tools. The Keyword Research Suite is a robust toolset designed for full-time search marketers and business owners, and offers virtually unlimited access to our huge keyword database.

Researching keywords can be an arduous task, but WordStream's Google keyword research tools will help you automate the process of discovering new keywords, so you can get more done in less time, without losing control of your keyword research. Finding keywords has never been easier - learn how to find the profit driving keywords you've been missing out on. 

We'll talk more about what the WordStream advantage really is and how WordStream's keyword research tools can help you in the coming paragraphs.

Keyword Research Techniques from WordStream

In the past, marketers created keyword lists through a combination of brainstorming, google suggest, and simple online keyword suggestion tools. The problem with this method is that it's limited and it's not actionable. As a keyword researcher, you're using the same tools as everyone else, so you're all fighting for rankings on the same short, static list of terms. And a keyword list doesn't tell you what to do with those keywords once you've got them.

WordStream enables you with smarter, more actionable tools and data to conduct advanced keyword research. You get access to:

  • A Keyword Suggestion Tool - Our Keyword Tool pulls suggestions from our massive database of over 1 trillion unique search queries. More, better, faster! Finding new keywords has never been more simple.
  • A Keyword Niche Finder - The Keyword Niche Finder returns structured suggestions. Niche keyword research is key to great PPC and SEO campaigns. When your keywords are pre-grouped into related clusters, it's easy to put them to use on your site or other campaigns.
  • A Keyword Grouper - Already have a list of keywords? Just drop them into the Keyword Grouper and they'll be automatically and instantly organized.

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These tools return extensive, targeted data you can use in your search marketing campaigns, both organic and paid, offering the best keyword research you can find. While using keyword tools is an essential part of any keyword research strategy, these tools will help you become a keyword research pro, guiding the way for keyword research analysis that can boost your business in enormous ways.

What to Do with Your Keyword Research: SEO Content Creation

What's important to understand about keyword research is that a list of keywords, in and of itself, isn't very helpful. To see traffic and profits from those keywords, you need to put them to work in keyword-rich web copy, including product pages and blog posts.

This will ensure that your potential customers can find you through organic search. So how do you close the gap between your research and your writing, and work your keywords into your copy in a way that's SEO-friendly and reader-friendly too?

WordStream's SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox is a content creation tool for writers that connects your keyword research to your SEO copywriting efforts, enabling:

  • Easier topic selection: Instead of staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike, get topic ideas by drilling down into keyword niches with high potential search volume.
  • More relevant keyword targeting: Keyword suggestions are driven by trends in our highly accurate, proprietary keyword database.
  • Stronger keyword optimization: The plug-in helps you uncover your best keyword opportunities and place them in key fields so your pages are maximally Google-friendly.
  • Long-tail keyword traffic: Go beyond competitive head terms with long-tail modifiers to capture more traffic over time.

Putting Keyword Research to Work in PPC keyword research techniques, keyword research api, google research keyword tool, what is keyword research,

Keyword research isn't just useful for organic search engine optimization. It's also crucial for your paid search campaigns.

Google AdWords keyword research is essential to a winning PPC account as you learn how to find profit driving keywords.

If PPC is your focus, check out our fully integrated AdWords management platform, WordStream for PPC.



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