Keyword Research Suite FAQ

The following FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions about WordStream's Keyword Research Suite. If you have a question that isn't answered here or if there is anything you feel should be added to the FAQs, please feel free to contact us.

How much does it cost?

Keyword Research Suite subscriptions start at $329 a year and include unlimited usage of the tools. View our pricing page for more information.

I’m an agency. Do you offer discounts for buying more than one license?

Yes. We offer discounting for licenses purchased in 5-user (15% discount) and 10-user (30% discount) bundles.

How do Upgrades work?

You can upgrade at any time by going to the Account Settings section of your account. Upgrades include:

  • Buying additional licenses (in multiples of 1, 5, or 10)
  • Upgrading your edition type (Standard to Longtail)
  • Buying add-ons (SEO, PPC)

You will be charged the difference between your current edition and the one you are upgrading to. This amount will be prorated depending on how many months you have left in your subscription.

How do Coupon Codes work?

If you have a discount/coupon code enter it in the Coupon Code field on the Keyword Research Suite purchase form. After you enter your code click away and you will see the discount reflected. Your percentage discount will be applied to your total initial order, including add-ons.

If you purchase a 5-user or 10-user bundle you will get two discounts: the bundle discount and the coupon code discount. You will see the bundle discount reflected in the Total Annual Price box, and then when you enter your coupon code you will see the second discount also reflected in the Total Annual Price box, accompanied by a confirmation message ("15% off discount applied").

What tools are included?

The Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Niche Finder, and Keyword Grouper are included in the standard Keyword Research Suite subscription. The Negative Keyword Tool is available for an additional $99 per year in the PPC Upgrade, and the SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox is available for $99 per year in the SEO Upgrade.

Is the Keyword Research Suite for SEO or PPC?

The tools in the standard edition (Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Niche Finder, and Keyword Grouper) can all be used to find and organize effective keywords for both SEO and PPC tasks.

What can I use it for?

The tools in the Keyword Research Suite can be used for keyword discovery, keyword expansion, SEO content creation, PPC ad group creation, search query analysis, organic search referral analysis, negative keyword research, and many more tasks related to paid and organic search engine marketing (SEM).

Are the tools still free?

Yes, we still offer free keyword tools. All users will receive 10 free searches initially, and then 1 free search per tool per day after that.

How many times can I use the tools in a day?

Guest users (without a Keyword Research Suite subscription) get 10 free searches initially, and then 1 free search per tool per day after that. Keyword Research Suite subscribers get unlimited access to the tools.

Do you have Foreign Language Keywords?

WordStream's keyword database is U.S.-based (searches done by Internet users physically located in the U.S.), therefore, the majority of our keywords are in English. However, we do have foreign language keywords in our database since some international searchers will search in their native language. To see whether or not Keyword Research Suite has the foreign language keywords you are looking for, do some test searches using the Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.

If you are looking for English keywords for outside the United States, please note that we do not have filters for the UK, Australia, or other English-speaking countries/regions. This is because our database does not contain keywords from these areas.

What is Relative Frequency?

Relative Frequency is our estimate of how often a particular keyword is searched on. A higher relative frequency means that the keyword is searched on more frequently.

What is the difference between Google Search Volume and WS Search Volume?

Google Search Volume is the number of estimated monthly searches for that search phrase in Google, as reported in the Google Keyword Tool. WS Volume is the estimated monthly searches based on the search volume data in WordStream's trillion-keyword database. You may find that some keywords only have WS Volume- that is because you can't get those keywords from the Google Keyword Tool- they are only available in our propietary keyword database that you get access to as a WordStream Keyword Research Suite customer.

What is Competition?

Competition is a measure of how difficult it is to rank or have your ad shown, based on the estimated number of competing advertisers in Google for that search phrase.

What does the “Nichefy my Results” checkbox do?

This option (which is checked by default in the Keyword Suggestion Tool) automatically assigns a keyword niche label to each keyword based on our sophisticated grouping algorithms. It appears in a column to the right of the keyword suggestion, and can be used to create keyword buckets, SEO content themes, and PPC ad groups. Export the Keyword Suggestion Tool results and filter by keyword niche to act on this information.

What does the “Adult Filter on” checkbox do?

This option (which is checked by default in all tools except for the Negative Keyword Tool) automatically filters out “R-rated” (potentially offensive) keywords.

The tool says there are 782,000 results for my search? How do I get all those keywords?

We want you to have the best search experience possible. Since our database contains over one trillion keywords, we try to give results to you in a manageable form. If a search for “insurance” in the Keyword Suggestion Tool returns too many keywords to view and export, we recommend refining your search by adding one or more modifiers, such as “auto insurance quote.” We also recommend using the Keyword Niche Finder, which is an even faster way to refine your search, since it pre-groups keywords, allowing you to review and filter out irrelevant keywords faster, which allows you to see more suggestions.

What does it mean if I get the CAPTCHA?

This is an indicator of fraud or keyword tool abuse. If you feel you’re seeing the CAPTCHA box by mistake, please contact us to let us know.

Where do the tools get their data?

WordStream purchases volumes of keyword search data through industry partnerships with:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Browser Toolbars
  • Search Engines

Then we apply statistical models to aggregate the different keyword data sets, applying different weightings so the keyword suggestions aren't overly biased toward one particular source, and apply powerful semantic algorithms to compute related terms. Unfortunately, due to Non-Disclosure Agreements that we have entered into with our partners, we are unable to provide more details.

What makes the suggestions so accurate?

Our keyword tools were designed to generate more accurate keyword suggestions than the Google keyword tool and other keyword tools by aggregating over 1 billion unique keywords, representing over a trillion search queries, and hundreds of millions of related terms from diverse keyword sources. By doing so, we're able to provide a more comprehensive and less biased mix of both head and long-tail terms for you to use in PPC and SEO activities.

Do you have an API for these tools so I can integrate them into my own software?

Yes, we offer a Keyword Tool API so you can embed the tool in your own sites and applications.

How do I save my work?

You can have your keyword tool results emailed to you in a zipped file. If you have a lot of keywords to manage, and are a PPC advertiser, consider signing up for a free trial of WordStream for PPC. This PPC platform contains many of the same tools available in the Keyword Research Suite, but is a better solution for advertisers who spend at least $5,000 a month in AdWords and need to manage lots of PPC keywords and ad groups.

What’s the difference between the Test Drive and a Keyword Research Suite subscription?

The Test Drive is a way for prospective Keyword Research Suite customers to sample the output of our tools by running a limited number of free searches. It also includes previews of the SEO and PPC Upgrade features: exclusive customer newsletters and an in-depth video demonstration of the SEO Content Creation Plug-in. A Keyword Research Suite subscription is for search marketers who perform keyword research, new SEO content and new PPC campaigns on a regular basis.

What happened to my Free Tools Account? Can I use it to access the Keyword Research Suite?

We have discontinued Free Tools Accounts in favor of devoting resources toward the Keyword Research Suite. You can use your Free Tools Account login information to sign into the Keyword Research Suite. You are welcome to use it in Test Drive mode (10 free searches initially, then 1 free search per tool per day after that). Click Buy Now to purchase a Keyword Research Suite subscription and keep your same username and password.

What is the difference between the Keyword Research Suite and WordStream for PPC?

The Keyword Research Suite is a collection of keyword research tools. WordStream for PPC is a PPC management platform for creating and optimizing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. It includes an AdWords campaign management toolset and is geared toward PPC advertisers spending $5,000 or more a month.

Where can I find more information about using the Keyword Suggestion Tool?

Visit our Keyword Suggestion Tool FAQ page.

Where can I find more information about using the Keyword Niche Finder?

Visit our Keyword Niche Finder FAQ page.

Where can I find more information about using the Keyword Grouper?

Visit our Keyword Grouper FAQ page.

Where can I find more information about using the Negative Keyword Tool?

Visit our Negative Keyword Tool FAQ page.

Where can I find more information about using the SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox?

Visit our SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox FAQ page.

Is there a tutorial video for the Keyword Research Suite?

Yes, you can find how to do keyword research in our video here: WordStream Product Support Videos.