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Keyword software from WordStream can simplify the most complex and tedious aspects of search marketing, including keyword analysis, keyword grouping and organization and search marketing workflow.

Selecting some initial keywords to start a search campaign may not seem too difficult, but as your campaigns grow, you will find yourself increasingly overwhelmed by keywords and the challenges of effectively managing them in larger numbers. The price for poor keyword analysis, ineffective keyword search, organization and workflow includes: wasteful ad spend, diminished ROI, lost opportunity and a diminished ability to fix or improve results. New keyword software from WordStream is designed for the busy search marketer who's looking to dramatically improve his or her productivity and PPC and/or SEO results through innovative keyword software solutions.

Keyword Research Suite

In this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • The importance of keyword software for successful SEO and PPC
  • What to look for in keyword software
  • How to use keyword software to grow your business

Why Do I Need Keyword Software for Search?

Paid and natural search campaigns can always be performing better. But the potential for improvement in your search marketing initiatives is usually limited by the time that you have available to dedicate to building and optimizing. Using keyword software--like keyword search tools and keyword management solutions--from WordStream instead of relying on free keyword tools can change this dynamic by maximizing productivity and output for time spent by helping automate several critically important, yet time-consuming tasks:

  • Discovering Keywords: A stagnant keyword list is as dangerous as a stagnant business, and the latter often follows the former. Expanding your keyword list and continuously discovering new keyword opportunities is crucial in order to stay competitive and to extend your reach to untapped keyword markets. Using this functionality as an SEO keyword tool also means that you'll be prioritizing your site's content and keeping organized for both PPC and SEO.
  • Organizing Keywords: Newly discovered keywords have to be organized so that you can act on them in a relevant and efficient way.
  • Analyzing Keywords: Keyword performance should be analyzed so you can prioritize your limited time and efforts in a workflow that focuses on those keyword groupings that produce (or have the potential of producing) the greatest ROI for your business.

Because our search marketing software helps you discover, organize and analyze keywords, you can free up valuable time to engage in other more strategic search marketing efforts.

How Keyword Software Saves You Time and Money

Keyword software serves a multitude of purposes. It should organize, generate and analyze keywords while also uncovering negative keywords so you stay relevant. Let's look at how WordStream's variety of keyword software addresses each of these challenges and improves your overall search marketing efficiency:

Keyword Organization Software

Keyword Organization Software allows you to group together relevant and related keywords. Keyword organization is important for PPC because:

  • Relevant keyword groupings associated with highly targeted ad text and landing pages result in better Quality Score and a lower CPC.
  • Post-click conversion rates will be higher if your PPC campaigns utilize highly relevant keywords that match up with ad text and landing pages.

WordStream's keyword grouper allows you to organize thousands of keywords into relevant segments in a matter of minutes. The Ad Group Builder in WordStream for PPC (illustrated below) delivers ad group suggestions that show a slightly different intention on the part of the searcher, from "guitar gibson" to "guitar tune." When using WordStream's keyword grouping software to create smaller, more relevant keyword groupings, writing appropriate AdText copy becomes a cinch.

Keyword software easily groups keywords for better quality score and easier management

Keyword Analysis Software

Have you ever looked at your keyword analysis and wondered what to do with it? Once you get the analysis, you basically have to analyze the analysis in order to determine the proper actions that will generate improvements. That's a lot of analyzing!

WordStream's Keyword Analyzer examines keywords and ad groups to help prioritize your workflow. We even created our own word for it: automated analysis of Web analytics + taking action = actalytics. For example, in the following illustration, the keyword analysis software tells you which ad groups are too big, which could be problematic if the keywords in those ad groups don't all match the landing page content.

Keyword Analysis Software examines keywords and suggests workflow prioritization

Keyword Research Software

WordStream's Free Keyword Tool is a great starting point for a keyword list. It offers more keywords faster, based on more relevant, accurate, and extensive data, and is always entirely free. No other free or paid keyword suggestion tool is more comprehensive. But over time, it helps to have a personalized keyword database that removes some of keyword research burden.

Keyword Research Software eases the process of keyword research and keyword discovery and the growth of your negative keywords. Though growing your keyword list helps expand your market reach and find new well-converting keywords, it's a perfect example of bigger not always being better. If you consistently grow your keyword list, you may find yourself consistently needing to grow your marketing budget as well.

WordStream's Keyword Discovery Tool and Negative Keyword Tool work together to grow your keyword list with appropriate, long-tail queries while simultaneously minimizing the risk that your ad is shown to irrelevant searchers. For example, in the following illustration, the keyword software automatically suggests negative keywords (such as "backpacker" for an online guitar store) to ensure your keyword list is always relevant.

Keyword software for keyword research should grow your keyword list as well as your negative keyword list

Free Keyword Software!

Take advantage of a free trial of WordStream's unique combination of actionable keyword organization, keyword discovery, keyword analysis and the best keyword tools. Our keyword software will save you both time and money, improving your efficiency while minimizing wasteful spend. It easily simplifies your search marketing tasks and works to continuously optimize and improve your campaign so you can focus on other areas of your business.

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