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WordStream Without JavaScript

Our keyword tracking software, powered by a small amount of JavaScript that's added to your website, is one of the most effective components of the WordStream product.  It records actual searches people have conducted to land on your website and uploads those keywords into your WordStream account, continuously growing your keyword list and long tail of keywords.  Some users or agencies don't have the ability to add JavaScript to each website, but even without it, you're left with an effective and valuable search engine marketing product.

whats the point of the javascript? 

As mentioned in the Keyword Tracking/JavaScript FAQ, adding JavaScript to your website is a WordStream Best Practice.  Visit the "Tracker" field in your WordStream account to receive your JavaScript and check that it's working properly.  Remember to put JavaScript on the bottom of your HTML so it doesn't affect load time of your website.  The JavaScript plays three roles. 

First, it records search queries that people have used to find your website and adds those keywords to your keyword list.  Keywords may be a result of a paid search in which, for example, you're able to view the extended search phrase of a keyword on which you're broad matching.  This is crucial to growing your long tail and increasing your specific keyword phrases, which tend to have lower competition and more appropriate audiences.  Keywords may also be a result of an organic search, something pertinent to your website and product which you haven't yet incorporated into your PPC campaign.

The JavaScript feeld the keyword tracker, which serves to continuously grow your keyword list with relevant keywords

Second, the JavaScript ensures that your information and data are up-to-date.  The keyword counter, or visit count, indicates how many visits have resulted from use of that keyword and is updated automatically four times per day.  By using the JavaScript, you'll always be looking at the most current numbers.

The JavaScript automatically updates the visit tally so your metrics are in line with the market.

Last, it updates the keyword popularity and keyword relevance rankings, used by the Workflow tab to help optimize your time.  A weighted average of keyword commonality and visits generated, keyword relevance indicates the importance of each keyword so you can adjust your time and bid amounts accordingly.  Keyword relevance also guides your segmentations so they're as optimized as possible.   

Keyword relevance is updated with information provided by the JavaScript so it's always current.

what if i'm not able to install javascript on all pages?

There are many reasons you may not have the ability to install JavaScript on all or any of your website pages.  Don't worry--there are still plenty of WordStream functions that serve to improve your Quality Score and enhance your search engine marketing campaign.

Properly segmenting keyword groups is a crucial step towards a high Quality Score and one that's easy and efficient from within WordStream.  After adding keywords and visit data to your account, WordStream gets to work evaluating keyword relevance based on visit count and keyword commonality.  Use the Workflow Tab to receive segment suggestions, which are re-evaluated each time you accept or reject a segment suggestion, so you're always looking at the best ones. 

Even without JavaScript on website pages, you can still manage bids, de-duplicate keywords, segment keywords in foreign languages, synch account information with Google AdWords through the API and use the keyword segments to better your search engine optimization performance.

Javascript Review

Though the JavaScript plays a valuable role in some of WordStream's functions, there's no need to fret if you can't add the code to some or all of your websites.  Even without it, especially if you keep your content current by periodically updating visit counts with your most recent analytics data, WordStream serves to save you time, lower costs and improve Quality Score.  Register for our Webinar to see what WordStream can do for your business.