Keyword Workbench Documentation

WordStream's Keyword Workbench is a powerful tool that allows you to aggregate keyword data from different sources, and place them into a workbench wherein you can organize and analyze your keywords in order to gain valuable insight, and then act on the data.

Importing Keywords into the Workbench

Before you can explore your keywords, you must first import your own keyword data into the Workbench.

You can import keywords into the Workbench in 3 ways:

  • Import keywords or search queries from your AdWords account (either the entire account or selected campaigns).
  • Paste in a list of up to 10,000 keywords that you obtained outside of WordStream.
  • Upload a .CSV or .TSV file with the keywords you would like to dive into.

When you initially import keywords into the Workbench you can also choose to leave the keywords ungrouped (so that you can explore and group them yourself) or you can choose to have WordStream organize your keywords into some initial groups.

Once you enter the Workbench you can use the same methods to import additional keywords.

Exploring your Keywords in the Workbench

Once you have keywords in the Workbench you can begin exploring them. Depending on your goals you may find it worthwhile to exclude keywords already in your AdWords account or to search for specific terms that you are interested in. You can also start organizing these keywords into groups. There are several ways to create keyword groups in the Workbench:

  • Create Keyword Group Tool – Takes your selected keywords and puts them into a new keyword group.
  • Suggest Keyword Groups – WordStream's powerful grouping algorithms will suggest groups for your selected keywords
  • Manual Group Creation – Create an empty keyword group manually using the button above the folder tree.

Once you have created your groups there are several things that you can do to gain additional insight into your keywords. You can:

  • Add to Existing Group – This button allows you to add selected keyword to one of your existing keyword groups.
  • Find New Keywords for Groups – This tool scans the keywords in the Workbench and suggests keywords that can be added to selected groups. This is especially helpful if you import new keywords and search queries into the Workbench.
  • Keyword Metrics Report – Produces a report for the selected keywords which can contain information about the estimated global search volume, competition level and estimated CPC of your keywords. This report can also be exported for future use.

You can also organize your folder tree by dragging and dropping folders. Folders can be re-ordered or nested so that they give you the greatest insight into your keywords and potential ways of structuring your AdWords account.

Taking Action: Using your Keyword Workbench Data in Your AdWords Account

When you're finished organizing your groups you can easily use your work to build out your AdWords account using the buttons found below the folder tree. These buttons let you:

  • Create Ad Groups From My Work – Turns your selected keyword group into an AdWords ad group. When clicked you can select a campaign to add the ad group to, select your default ad group settings, review keywords, set match types and write text ads.
  • Create Campaign from my Work – Turns your selected keyword groups into an AdWords Campaign where each keyword group is an ad group. This operates in a similar way creating ad groups but also creates a campaign and lets you edit your campaign settings.
  • Add Keywords to an Existing Ad Group – Adds the selected keywords into a designated ad group. You also have the opportunity to review the keywords and set the match types and bids.
  • Export – Produces a .CSV or .TSV file with your selected keywords or groups.