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Learn How To Use Killer Landing Pages To Get Better PPC Reults

May 2012 WordStream & Unbounce Present: Learn How to Use Killer Landing Pages to Get Better PPC Reults

Just how do landing pages impact your PPC campaigns? In this webinar, WordStream founder Larry Kim and Carlos del Rio, Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy at Unbounce, show you the fundamentals of Quality Score and landing pages so that you can increase your PPC return on investment:

  • Why you should care about Quality Score
  • How Google calculates Quality Score
  • How Quality Score impacts impressions, ad position and cost per click
  • The keys to improving Quality Score through landing page optimization

The webinar concludes that using better optimized landing pages for your PPC campaigns can lead to multiple benefits: higher conversion rates, lower cost per click, reduced bounce rate and improved Quality Score and Ad Rank.


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