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SEOmoz Customers: Save 25% on WordStream's Keyword Research Suite

SEOmoz Customers: Enter the coupon code KRSMOZ in the purchase form to redeem your 15% discount. Our Keyword Suggestion tool gives you unlimited access to more keywords than free tools like Google's AdWords Keyword Tool. For example, if you search on the term "baseball" using our Keyword Suggestion Tool, you can:

  • Export 50,000 keywords vs. 800 with Google
  • Get 3,000 times more long-tail keywords
  • Get 28 times more mid-tail keywords

Try the Keyword Research Suite Tools for Free

Use the tabs below to explore the tools included in the Keyword Research Suite. Keep in mind that our keyword database is U.S.-based. For more information about data sources see our FAQs.

  Keyword Suggestion Tool  
  Keyword Niche Finder  
  Negative Keyword Tool  
  Keyword Grouper  

Watch a Video Demo of WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox

The SEO Content Creation Plug-In for Firefox helps you write more SEO-friendly, keyword-optimized blog posts and web copy, putting keyword suggestions at your fingertips and keeping track of keyword usage as you type.
Free Keyword Tool

Get thousands of relevent keyword suggestions - more,
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Free Keyword Niche Finder

Discover profitable pockets of keywords for your

Free Negative Keyword Suggestion Tool

Identify wasted spend before it happens and increase
your paid search ROI.

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