Keyword Research Suite Now A Part of WordStream Advisor

We've Integrated Keyword Research Suite Into Our PPC Offering

If you are conducting keyword research for your search marketing campaigns, you can access the functionality of WordStream's Keyword Research Tools from within WordStream AdvisorWordStream Advisor is a robust platform for managing pay-per-click marketing efforts involving large numbers of keywords. 

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WordStream Advisor's keyword functionality includes:

  • Keyword Discovery – Continuous keyword research to build a database of the PPC keywords people use to find your website. (WordStream Free Keyword Tool, Keyword Niche Finder, Negative Keyword Tool)
  • Keyword Analysis – Identifying which keyword opportunities are most profitable (triggering actions or conversions) and setting negative filters for keywords that aren't relevant.
  • Keyword Grouping and Organization – Segmenting like keywords into close-knit ad groups based on relevance. (Keyword Grouper)
  • Keyword Action – Prioritizing these keyword tasks and taking action by authoring content (PPC text ads and landing pages) around the most productive and relevant keyword groups.

What Is WordStream Advisor?

WordStream Advisor is a powerful, innovative platform for creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. With the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, your customized alert center, WordStream Advisor guides you to optimize your PPC campaigns in just 20 minutes per week. Our latest release includes support for Bing Ads, enabling marketers to advertise across the web and manage all their campaigns in one easy-to-use interface.

PPC management with WordStream provides an innovative approach to discovering, analyzing, grouping and organizing large numbers of keywords in order to build more effective and better optimized pay-per-click campaigns.

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