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Landing Page Generation - Track SEO & PPC Content Creation with WordStream

Landing page generation and SEO content creation can be very complex processes, and it's important to effectively manage and prioritize the creation of landing pages, be they dedicated pages for paid search traffic or SEO focused content.

WordStream offers an integrated landing page workflow prioritization tool which allows you to map the keyword groups you're creating with the software's keyword grouping tools to designated landing pages. This is important for both paid and natural search optimization:

  • PPC Landing Pages - By authoring specific AdWords landing pages that target the same keywords you’re using in a PPC Ad Group, you’re likely to realize higher Quality Scores and conversion rates, because the landing page will be more relevant to the searcher’s original intent.
  • SEO Landing Pages - The authoring of keyword-focused content also results in higher SERP rankings on the keywords you’re targeting, since the content will be more relevant from an SEO perspective. Additionally, you need to organize and prioritize the keywords you're creating content for, so that you're getting maximum returns out of your content authoring efforts.

This allows you to see which keyword groups you've already created content for, while providing you with an opportunity to better organize your SEO & PPC landing page creation efforts.

Linking Generated Landing Pages for SEO & PPC with Keyword Groups

The first step in associating a landing page with a Keyword Group is to identify the segmentation you have a landing page for.

Having grouped keywords with WordStream, we can now tell the software which of these groups have content associated with them:

Landing page generation with WordStream is better organized due to the ability to associate landing pages.

Next, type the URL of the page you have created that relates to the keywords in the group:

Landing page url designation allows you to see which keyword groups are associated with which landing pages.

It's important to note that by associating a landing page with a keyword group, you are not changing the destination URL of a WordStream managed Ad Group.

Once you have associated a landing page, there are multiple ways you can view which keyword groups are mapped to landing pages. The first is in the WordStream keyword explorer (the left hand navigation).

Simply look for the groups that have an orange dot next to them:

Optimize a landing page by creating it around a specific keyword segmentation.

Since we've only assigned our key words page so far, it's the only group highlighted.

A more powerful use of this feature is to view which keyword groups have landing pages associated with them in the WordStream workflow tab:

Optimize a landing page by creating it around a specific keyword segmentation.

There are a few things to note here:

  • Workflow Prioritization - The software ranks pages in order of importance (based on visit totals, number of keywords, user-defined conversions/goals, or a combination of the three), and then shows you which keyword groups aren't yet associated with landing pages.
  • Caution Symbol - This means the group hasn't yet been associated with a landing page.
  • Green Check Mark - This means the keyword group has been associated with a landing page.

This allows you to see where you want to spend your time in terms of content creation; you can quickly see which groups are both important, and lacking a dedicated landing page.

By clicking the caution symbol, you can instantly assign a landing page to a group.

Acting On Our Landing Page Generation Suggestions

Once you've taken a look at the list of landing pages, you can then act on the workflow suggestions, creating dedicated, optimized landing pages and then associating keyword groups to those pages.

Learn more about other aspects of the WordStream software by checking out our WordStream User Guide.