SEM Management: Multiple WordStream Users

How you manage SEM, or search engine marketing, depends on a couple things, such as your business model and the size of your staff. Whatever your situation, you may want more than one person to have access to your account but you'd like each person to have his or her own username and password. For this reason, each WordStream account can have as many users as you like. Any changes made within the account are connected to each user, along with time and date of the change, for reporting purposes.

how do i invite users to my wordstream account?

For your convenience, there is no limit on the amount of users each account may have. As is always the case with private business information, you should be careful who you invite into your account. To add a user, visit the "Account" tab within WordStream. Add email address, full name, and feel free to edit the default message. At the bottom right of the screen, hit "add user" to send an email to that person and get him or her started with a unique username and password.

Use the accounts tab to add an unlimited amount of users to your WordStream account.

This screen also lists people you have invited in the past and indicates if their user name has been activated. Check the "Revisions" tab to see changes made per user and the date and time of the action. Updates and edits made by "@wordstream" show the Keyword Discovery Tool at work, growing your keyword list and segmenting new keywords according to rules you've defined.

what if two users make conflicting changes at the same time?

As a web-based software, changes made in the "Discover & Organize Keywords" tab will always be saved. This includes keyword segmentations, negative keyword assignments, imported keywords, deleted keywords, etc. Changes made in the "Create PPC Campaigns" tab will flow through to your AdWords account after hitting "Post Account Changes."

If users make conflicting changes at the same time within the keywords tab, the account will reflect the most recent changes. Alert your users to the "Revisions" tab if they're worried about overlapping work.

the best tool for multiple sem managers

With WordStream, it's easy to give multiple users access to the same account, and changes are always recorded in the "Revisions" tab. Similar to Microsoft Excel, you can sort these actions by date, time, user or change description. Perhaps the best part is that no matter how many users you have within your account, the automated user, "@wordstream", is always working for you to grow your long tail of keywords and update visit count; your keyword relevance ratings are always current and your work is always prioritized for you. Sign up for a Free Trial for these features and more.