Search Marketing Software: Get More Done with Fewer Software Apps

Search marketing software isn't a nice-to-have—it's a necessity for productive, high-performance marketers. With so many elements to keep track of when doing search marketing—from SEO to PPC to keyword analytics—it's really an overwhelming business if you don't have good marketing software to help.

Most search marketers use a panoply of software apps from various vendors—one for marketing analytics, one for bid management, one for keyword organization and so on. This gets confusing, but worse, it creates integration problems and workflow bottlenecks. The data in these scattered applications is rarely synced up, reducing the effectiveness of your search marketing decision making.

WordStream software is a single, integrated platform with a range of search marketing capabilities, designed specifically for search marketers—so you don't have to master a bunch of Excel tricks and "hacks." Our online search marketing software is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, allowing multiple members of your marketing team to work collaboratively from any location.

With WordStream search marketing software tools in your belt, your pay-per-click search marketing and SEO efforts will see leaps in: 

  • Productivity: WordStream's marketing solutions employ strategic, controlled automation to simplify and streamline the most repetitive, time-consuming tasks associated with search marketing.
  • Relevance: Our keyword management tools greatly increase the relevance of your ad groups and other content for search engines.
  • Value: You won't just get more done in less time; you'll actually spend less on PPC, with higher click-through rates, Quality Scores and keyword rankings and a lower cost per click and cost per acquisition.

WordStream's professional search marketing software products include: 

Search engine marketing (SEM)/PPC marketing software

With the right PPC software, you can skip the SEM agency and keep your PPC efforts in-house. WordStream helps you do everything you need to do to run a complete SEM campaign, and do it better and faster: 

  • Keyword Research: All search marketing starts with keywords. WordStream offers continuous, data-driven keyword research for a highly relevant, personalized and proprietary keyword taxonomy.
  • Keyword Grouping and Organization: Experienced search marketers know the secret to long-term, large-scale success in search is keyword grouping, and WordStream's sophisticated keyword grouping software facilitates speedy segmentation.
  • Campaign-Wide PPC Management: WordStream integrates with Google AdWords so you can manage bids, text ads, ad groups and entire campaigns without leaving the interface.

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SEO marketing software 

What's good for PPC is usually good for SEO as well. Thorough, ongoing keyword discovery is equally important for organic search engine optimization and staying competitive in the SERPs. With both SEO and PPC best practices in place, you've got an effective inbound marketing system for lead generation.

In addition, keyword grouping can greatly improve your website's natural search rankings. Organizing your keywords into a logical, branching hierarchy can and should inform your site's information architecture and how you prioritize content creation. For optimized web pages, write targeted content around small, tightly related groups of keywords. This will allow you to rank for multiple terms without having to craft a unique message for every single keyword—and is far more effective than throwing a bunch of unrelated keywords on the same page.

Marketing analytics software 

WordStream's Web marketing analytics tools provide you with information that is: 

  • Search-Focused: Our analytics reporting software is designed to present you with data based on actual search traffic that is specifically useful for search marketing campaigns. It's the cure for information overload from the confusing metrics and daunting graphs served up by most analytics software. Plus, you can set your own goals to track the types of conversion most important to your business.
  • Actionable: While analysis and reporting are important, actually acting on the insights derived from this data is essential to search marketing success. WordStream software presents analytic data in an actionable dashboard, so there's no delay before you group keywords, publish text ads, set negative keywords with our negative keyword tool and tackle other search marketing items.

Use WordStream marketing software to track user-defined goals

Affiliate marketing software

WordStream's solutions are also a worthwhile purchase for pay-per-flick affiliate marketers in need of software assistance. PPC affiliate marketing is a fiercely competitive field of search and requires operating on very large scales and at very high efficiencies. WordStream search marketing software enables efficient management and organization of millions of keywords, as well as continuous long-tail keyword discovery so you can beat the competition to profitable new keyword niches.

Long-tail search engine marketing software

Looking to buy search marketing software? 

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