Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts

Can I manage multiple Google/Bing accounts through my WordStream account?

Yes, you can add as many accounts as you need to WordStream. When you log into WordStream, you will see an accounts page with links to each of your account profiles, much like an MCC.

How do I synch my profiles?

When you log into your WordStream account, you will see a list of links to each of your profiles. Click on the profile that you want to synch. You will be prompted to submit your AdWords username and password. If you are using your MCC credentials, you will be offered a list of CIDs and email addresses associated with the accounts in your MCC. Once you’ve chosen which one you want to add, it will automatically synch.

Having trouble synching your accounts?

You may be using two-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication, you must create an application-specific password in AdWords to synch it with WordStream. Here are the instructions:

Go to (login)

Then Edit under 2-step verification:

2-step verification

Then Manage Application-specific passwords, and create a new password:

Manage Passwords

Then use the new password to put into WordStream:

Application-specific passwords