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WordStream is the 184th Fastest Growing Private Company According to Inc. 500|5000

WordStream featured in Inc. 500WordStream Ranked

WordStream Featured in USA Today

Byron Acohido of USA Today interviewed Larry Kim, WordStream's chief technology officer, about the reasons big search engine companies are wooing small business advertisers:

However, it's all too easy for novices to become befuddled, says Larry Kim, chief technology officer at online advertising consultancy WordStream. Getting a sponsored link prominently displayed on a search results page requires mastering an art form. The advertiser must bid, auction-style, for certain words and phrases related to a product or service that a consumer might type as part of a search query. Payments are then calculated for each click on a sponsored link.

It's all too common for small advertisers to waste money on poorly executed campaigns, Kim says. "Typically, they don't re-evaluate and they miss out on the opportunity to leverage a powerful marketing channel to grow their business," he says.

Comprehensive Keyword Management Tool
“The beauty of the tool is actually managing keywords into groups, and even being able to determine ‘segments’ of keywords for each main ‘group category.’ The tool expands the keyword database continuously, based on an action tracker you set up into the WS account. This ‘expansion’ will include negative keywords too and the process will be continuous, helping you actively monitor those trends I described...” – Mihaela Lica, Search Engine Journal Contributing Writer
From Huge Keyword Lists to Keyword Segments
“The main value that I see in WordStream is in helping SEM Pros sift through huge keyword lists and quickly segment them into campaigns and ad groups. Then, as you drop in more keywords over time (the tool even helps with that part), the keywords ‘segment themselves’ into these campaigns and ad groups based on the keyword rules you’ve setup.” – Josh Dreller, Search Engine Land Contributing Author
Software Is Intelligent, Dynamic, Fast and Versatile
“Actually, comparing any of the already existing keyword management software to WordStream is like comparing a paper airplane with a supersonic fighter bomber. WordStream is intelligent, dynamic, fast and versatile. With the new multi-source keyword analytics the software allows marketers to analyze data from both organic and paid search.” – Mihaela Lica, Everything PR Editor
Keyword Grouper Finds Popular Keyword Variations
“I think this [WordStream’s Free Keyword Grouper] is a great tool. It isn’t always clear what phrases you should be targeting so by inputting several in your niche you will be able to see the keyword variations which are searched the most.” – Kevin Muldoon, Blogging Tips Owner
Tool Notes Regional Spelling Variations
“Type in a phrase, such as ‘search engine optimisation,’ and get returned keywords related to the United Kingdom, such as Ireland and co uk. The tool lets marketers know the words are in some way related to the U.K. spelling ‘optimisation,’ rather than the U.S. spelling ‘optimization.’ WordStream also has a filter function, so marketers can remove certain terms. Simply highlight the word in the results to filter and click on the red ‘X’ to remove it.” – Laurie Sullivan, MediaPost Writer and Editor
Impressed with WordStream Staff
“Every time I talk to someone at WordStream, or read their blog, the more impressed I am with the people. There are some smart, and very curious people who are trying to solve some interesting issues around keywords. If you’re looking to streamline keyword expansion and gain some insight into your keywords (both SEO and PPC), it's worth testing out their product.” – Brad Geddes, bg Theory Founder
Keywords Based on Incoming Site Traffic
“At SES I got to see a demo of their keyword management software, which uses semantic analysis to help cluster keyword themes to automatically mine and group related keywords based off the incoming traffic going into your site. It has a blended set of automated and manual features. From my take I think it could be useful for SEO in some cases, but where it really sings is in decent sized pay per click accounts.” – Aaron Wall, SEO Book Chief Executive Officer
Keyword Niches for Paid and Organic Marketing
“The Free Keyword Niche Finder provides structured keyword suggestions by breaking the provided base word into ‘keyword niches’. These ‘keyword niches’ are the groups of closely related keywords which can be equally effective in both paid and organic search marketing strategies. This feature automatically recognizes the semantic importance of a particular keyword and fixes it in a group of keywords closely related to it.” – Navneet Kaushal, Page Traffic Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Clustering Capability Makes Tool Atypical
“What's going on inside the tool is that it is basically doing the work of a typical keyword suggestion tool. The key differentiator here is that the tool is actually taking the process one step further clustering similar keyword groups together for you.” –Ryan Leary, Cruiter Talk Founder
WordStream Has Helpful Filter Feature
“Suppose I want to get rid of certain words in the results, like keywords containing ‘recipes,’ before I get the full keyword list. There's a filter feature so you can remove those terms. You just highlight the word you want to filter in the results and click on the red X next to it.” Manoj Jasra, Search Newz Contributing Writer
Tool Is Very Fast
“WordStream advertises their free keyword tool as fast – and it is that – pretty blazing fast, actually. Which is nice. You can get access to a full list of keywords much faster than Google's keyword tool.  And WordStream will email you the full list…” – Sarah Worsham, Sazbean Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer